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Yoga Retreats in Spain for 2024

Yoga Retreats in Spain for 2024

Inhale, exhale, and go ahead book one of these yoga retreats in Spain that you’ve been manifesting all winter.

Yoga retreats in Spain welcome total beginners and experienced yogis, solo travelers and groups.

They’re designed as a place to sample different types of yoga and dabble with other holistic practices. These can include meditation, mindfulness, nature walks, rebounding, sound healing, and healing rituals. Some retreats have a silent element, others are more sociable.

Retreat lodges will often have a pool and possibly a sauna. The most luxurious Spain yoga retreats have spa centers where you can enjoy a massage.

Meals are usually included in the cost of a yoga retreat in Spain. It’s always important to check whether it’s half-board or full-board – and see if the price includes drinks. Many retreats are vegetarian but some do serve meat and seafood.

Retreats typically run for a weekend or around a week. Participating in a retreat is one of the most unique Spain experiences. We’ve rounded up the best yoga retreats in Spain this year.

Best Yoga Retreats in Spain in 2024

Yoga retreats are available in all seasons. Some centers are open continuously while others have select dates during the year. It’s often cheaper to book a yoga retreat in Spain in fall or during winter.

These are the best yoga retreats in Spain this year. Unless indicated otherwise, the tuition is delivered in English.

1. 2 Day Yoga and Meditation Retreat with Horses (Torrelles de Foix, Catalonia)

This 2 Day Yoga and Meditation Retreat with Horses takes place in the countryside one hour west of Barcelona. It’s a short and sweet retreat that can be squeezed into a Spain travel itinerary.

The program includes two yoga workshops and two meditation sessions – one of these will take place out in the orchards with the horses. Note that this might be affected by inclement weather but you’ll still be able to pet the ponies!

Alaya Retreat Center is part of an organic wine farm with a couple of private villas and a large yoga shala. The complex has a pool, sauna, and hot tub.

Basic accommodations are shared dorms while the more luxurious private domains have a private jacuzzi.

All meals are included and there are options for vegetarians, vegans, and intolerances/allergies.

Other add-ons include reiki, massages, cooking workshops, and wine tastings. Otherwise, you’re welcome to simply back and enjoy the scenery.

A transfer from Barcelona Airport is available at an additional cost. 2 days/1 night from US$166. Book the retreat here.

woman sitting on a wooden porch in a seated yoga position with a palm tree in front of her and the sun setting behind that palm tree making the whole image seem like a shadow.

There are so many amazing yoga retreats in Spain, whether you want silence and restoration or camaraderie and exploration.

2. 3 Day Boost and Refill Yoga and Meditation Retreat (Sitges, Catalonia)

This 3 Day Boost and Refill Yoga and Meditation Retreat takes place in sunny Sitges near Barcelona. It’s a weekend retreat starting on Friday and concluding on Sunday.

The Ashram Villa Sunshine program includes three yoga and meditation classes and one sound healing session. Classes are held on the terrace, weather permitting!

The yoga classes follow Kundalini, Hatha, and Restorative practices and are designed to be suitable for all levels of yoga ability, including complete beginners.

This yoga meditation retreat in Spain also gives you the choice to partake in a Yoga Nidra class and an Open Heart ceremony at a reduced rate. Tarot readings, massages, and reflexology are also available for an additional fee.

All food is vegetarian or vegan and allergies may be catered for with prior notice. The retreat includes one cooking workshop where you’ll work as a team to create the perfect vegan paella.

The ashram has a swimming pool facing the Mediterranean Sea and is a short walk from the center of one of the loveliest beach towns in Spain. 3 days/2 nights from US$433. Book the retreat here.

3. 3-16 Day Holistic Healing Retreat (Monda, Andalucia)

This Holistic Healing Retreat is one of the most flexible (in terms of dates and length!) yoga retreats Spain 2024. The Shanti-Som Wellbeing Retreat runs programs all year and you can enroll for a weekend or fortnight as per your availability.

This wellness center was founded in 2011 and takes inspiration from Balinese culture, decor, and landscape design. It offers a variety of holistic therapies including yoga, meditation, and sound healing to aid stress reduction and personal growth.

Ultimately, this healing focused retreat aims to address physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. There is a daily yoga and meditation class plus ample free time to build in a tailored program based on your personal needs. Otherwise, you’re welcome to spend the unallocated time doing your own thing.

The mountain retreat comprises 15 private guest rooms where you can stay as a solo traveler or with a partner/friend. There are no shared accommodation facilities at this luxury yoga retreat in Spain.

Food is mixed with options for plant-based guests. Monda is located 40 minutes from Málaga Airport and transfers may be added at an additional cost.

Min 3 days/2 nights, max 16 days/15 nights from US$1,061. Book the retreat here.

group of people doing yoga on the beach at one of the yoga retreats in Spain.

Yoga on the beach is a fun way to add health and fitness to a Spanish vacation.

4. 4 Day Holistic Wellness Retreat with Yoga and Meditation (Monda, Andalucia)

This top-rated 4 Day Holistic Wellness Retreat with Yoga and Meditation also takes place at the Shanti-Som Wellbeing Retreat. However, this one is tailored specifically for a three night stay and focuses on general wellness rather than healing.

Daily yoga is included in the package with classes taking place in the morning and early evening. Pilates is available at an additional fee, as are consultations with life coaches and nutritionists.

As with the healing retreat, you’ll have access to all retreat features including the pool, sauna, and steam room where you can unwind between sessions. Yoga and other group activities take place in the beautiful shala overlooking the surrounding forest.

All rooms are private units with an en suite bathroom and personal terrace, hence the higher price tag of this luxury Spain yoga retreat. These are hotel-standard domains accommodating a maximum of two guests per room.

Note that only water is included: all other drinks are billed separately. Check out other options for yoga retreats in Málaga.

4 days/3 nights from US$1,592. Book the wellness retreat here.

5. 4 Day Escape and Enjoy Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation (Guadix, Andalucia)

Another yoga retreat in southern Spain’s stunning mountains, this 4 Day Escape and Enjoy Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation is less than one hour from Granada.

The program includes two daily yoga and meditation classes as well as Pranayama guidance. Classes are capped at six per group to ensure individual support. The first class of the day coincides with sunrise while supper is served in time for sunset.

One-to-one tuition is available at a surcharge. You can tap on a massage (or two) to support your quest for relaxation!

This is one of the best yoga retreats in Spain for food. The menu is vegetarian and follows Ayurvedic principles. All meals are prepared fresh and ingredients are sourced from the retreat’s vegetable garden wherever possible. Typical menus include smoothie bowls, Ayurvedic porridge, quiche, stews, and curries.

The package includes transfers from Almería and Granada airports, subject to availability.

Guadix is a lovely little town with a traditional vibe. The central area is just a 10-minute walk from the retreat.

4 days/3 nights from US$632. Book the retreat here.

group of people on the outside of a gym with the entrance to the gym wide open like a garage door. All doing yoga on colorful yoga mats.

The best yoga retreats in Spain mix yoga, meditation, and learning. And good food of course!

6. 6 Day Immunity Boost with Healing Vegan Diet (Sitges, Catalonia)

The 6 Day Immunity Boost with Healing Vegan Diet is another offering at Ashram Villa Sunshine near Barcelona. This longer retreat limits participants to eight per yoga class for a VIP yoga retreat in Spain.

The program includes a daily yoga and meditation class according to Kundalini. Additional experiences including a sharing circle, a guided mindful walk by the Mediterranean Sea, and a vegan cooking class.

As with the shorter retreat, you have the option to tap on extra coaching or massage treatments.

At this yoga meditation retreat in Spain, you’ll be asked to start the day with a silent breakfast. After this, you’re free to chat and mingle with other yogis or enjoy the solitude.

Vegan/vegetarian breakfast and dinner are included: there is a shared kitchen where you can make your own lunch. Otherwise, it’s a short walk or bus ride into Sitges.

6 days/5 nights from US$833. Book that retreat here.

7. 6 Day Gentle New Beginnings Meditation and Yoga Retreat (Orba, Valencia)

This 6 Day Gentle New Beginnings Meditation and Yoga Retreat in Spain is held in a tiny mountain village near Alicante. Programs generally run from Sunday to Friday with a fun welcome dinner being held on the first evening.

Mornings at Yoga Sutra Shala Retreat Center start with a gentle yoga class and guided meditation before sitting down to a silent breakfast. After this, the day is clear for reading, hiking, swimming, and self-practice.

The second yoga class takes place in the evening. This is a slow-paced Yin practice whereby you’ll hold each asana for three to five minutes and target deep connective tissue. It’s a wonderful practice for yogis of all backgrounds.

All food served at this retreat center is vegan and organic.

The Yoga Sutra Shala Retreat Center is hosting only six yoga retreats in Spain this year. Two of which will take place in December – so it’s a good time to think about winter sunshine travel!

6 days/5 nights from US$883. Book the gentle new beginnings retreat here.

woman in a folded yoga pose with a yoga studio behind her.

Whether you want to add a 2-day yoga retreat onto a trip to Spain that you already have planned or you are looking for a week long escape in the Spanish sunshine, there are plenty of yoga retreat options in Spain.

8. 6 Day Silent Transformational Meditation and Yoga Retreat in Spain (Júzcar, Andalucia)

This 6 Day Silent Transformational Meditation and Yoga Retreat is one of the best Spain yoga retreats with a vipassana component.

Silence is observed in the morning whereas talking is optional during the afternoon. This results in a particularly peaceful yoga retreat experience as participants are mindful of those pursuing a vipassana retreat.

All yoga abilities are catered through highly personalized classes with veteran instructors who have developed their own style of yoga.

The Secret Garden Retreat takes place in Júzcar, one of the pueblos blancos (white towns) of Andalucia. It sits on an 11-acre eco retreat close to two rivers where you’re encouraged to go for a paddle.

Massages and airport transfers are available upon request. This retreat is only available on select dates and requires a Friday arrival.

6 days/5 nights from US$1,027. Book that retreat here.

9. 7 Day Healing Power of Simplicity Yoga and Meditation Retreat (Porto Cristo, Mallorca)

The 7 Day Healing Power of Simplicity Yoga and Meditation Retreat has two yoga retreats in Spain this year.

The Yoga Concept near Mallorca’s eastern coast will include two daily yoga classes, one daily meditation practice, and one daily “Alchemist” workshop. A dynamic flow will start the day while the evening yoga class is slower with Nidra techniques.

One mindful hiking excursion and one group beach trip are included in the retreat package. Chakra healing, reiki, and massages may be added.

The farm compound has a gorgeous garden and outdoor swimming pool for slower afternoons.

All food is organic with meals based on Ayurvedic customs. Wholesome menus are designed with vegetarians and vegans in mind.

Both 2024 retreats are scheduled for September which many consider the best time to visit Spain.

7 days/6 nights from US$1,109. Book the healing power of simplicity retreat here.

group of people outside on yoga mats doing the same yoga pose with their arms up in the air and the sun shining behind green trees.

There are yoga retreats in Spain at the beach, in the mountains, or just outside of the big cities. Whatever you’re looking for, you’re bound to find it in Spain.

10. 8 Day Body & Soul Yoga Retreat in (Sant Miquel de Balansat, Ibiza)

This 8 Day Body & Soul Yoga Retreat takes place at a luxury villa on Ibiza’s quiet northern coast. It’s quite the antidote if you’ve found yourself carried away in the superclubs of Ibiza Town and Sant Antoni!

This is one of the most exclusive yoga retreats in Spain in 2024. The center only has one retreat scheduled and that’s for November with the theme being “awakening to the splendor of your existence”.

The schedule isn’t set in stone but mornings will typically start with meditation or yoga before breakfast with a second activity after the meal. This might be another round of yoga or something focused on breathwork or mindfulness.

Yin yoga, sound bathing, mantra chanting, and holistic ceremonies will take place in the afternoon. The retreat is led by two practitioners hailing from South America and the program incorporates Latin methods including ​​rapé and cacao rituals.

During any free time, you can take a dip in the pools – there’s one internal and one outdoor pool to accommodate the cooler November weather – or decompress in the sauna.

8 days/7 nights from US$1,443. Book the body & soul yoga retreat here.