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10 Amazing Yoga Retreats in Malaga

10 Amazing Yoga Retreats in Malaga

If you are looking for a list of epic yoga retreats in Malaga Spain, this is a collection of all of the best options available throughout the year.

Yoga in Malaga is easy to find if you simply want to join a class with a local yoga studio, and many of those studios are the ones running these Malaga yoga retreats.

However, if you want something that helps you disconnect and focus on body and mind, a retreat is the best way to do that with focused attention in small groups and with top instructors.

The best part about a retreat is that you can be sure the yoga classes and any other instruction given throughout the retreat, will be done in English.

Malaga is a region of Andalusia, which is the autonomous region in which it is located (the regions of Spain can get a bit confusing!). Most of these retreats in Malaga are not located right in the center of the city, but rather in the larger Malaga region.

Yoga in Malaga

If you would prefer to build your own yoga retreat in Malaga, you can book into a local hotel or Airbnb and then book a week of unlimited classes at one of the local yoga schools.

You will, of course, not be fully immersed or surrounded by other yoga lovers all day, but it will cost much less and you can then explore more of the Malaga region when you aren’t at class.

It’s worth noting that many of the classes at these yoga studios are in Spanish. Always double-check which language the classes will be taught in before booking anything.

If you prefer to do that, check out one of these yoga schools in and around Malaga:

  • Violet Yoga – offers group classes in Spanish and private classes, some of which can be taught in English depending on the teacher.
  • Yoga Centre Flow – offers group and private classes in English as well as yoga teacher training options available throughout the year.
  • Zen Yoga – has workshops and yoga teacher training classes available in English.

Yoga Retreats in Malaga

If you want everything to be organized for you including accommodation, yoga classes, meditation sessions, and meals, then a yoga retreat in Malaga is the best option for you.

These Malaga yoga retreats vary in length and cost. Some have luxurious room options and include every meal and others are shared spaces with beachside classes and fewer daily meals included in the price.

If you aren’t set specifically on Malaga, you can check out the options for all over Spain here.

trees with purple and pink flowers on them in a plaza in the spanish city of malaga.

The city of Malaga is such a beautiful place to spend some time.

1. Yoga and Fitness Detox Retreat

This is a 7-day yoga retreat in the town of Monda. Monda is about a 45-minute drive from the Malaga Airport. You can opt to have airport transfers added to your retreat fee or you can rent a car in Malaga to get you here without issue.

This retreat is all about detoxing yourself from an unhealthy lifestyle and “rebooting” so that you can learn how to take better care of your body, mind, and soul both at the retreat and once you return home.

For the price of this Malaga yoga retreat, you will get 3 group yoga classes, 2 pilates group classes, 4 group meditation classes, a group hike through the local trails, a 1-hour massage, as well as an additional spa treatment of your choice.

The retreat also includes six nights of accommodation and three healthy meals per day. You will have access to a swimming pool, sauna, and gym, and there is free parking available as well. All instruction is in English.

This yoga and fitness retreat runs all year long and can start whenever suits your schedule. Head here to check available dates.

Depending on the type of room you would like and how many people are booking for the same dates, the retreat starts at €2,436 (£2,200 GBP / $2,745 USD). Check the website for more price options and to book this experience.

2. Life Coaching and Yoga Retreat

This is a 4-day yoga retreat in Casares, one of Andalusia’s white villages. The length of the retreat makes it a great addition to a weeklong vacation or an easy long weekend retreat to fit into a busy schedule.

The retreat is available most of the year and can start whenever there is availability. Check the dates that are currently available here or reach out to the organizers to learn more.

This is almost like a private retreat which allows you to receive one-on-one coaching from the organizers of Kia Ora Retreats.

There will be daily yoga instruction, mindful sessions, guided meditations, a life balance assessment, personal behavior mapping, and a stress relief program. There is also one-on-one coaching available to help you focus on what’s really important to you in your life.

The program includes three nights of accommodation and daily meals and costs €895 (£808 GBP / $1,009 USD). Book onto the retreat here.

trees on a beach with the sea in the background.

Do yoga on the beaches of Malaga while you’re here.

3. Yoga-Ayahuasca Shamanic Spanish Retreat in Malaga

This 8-day yoga retreat in Malaga is a truly unique experience.

The utmost care and attention is given to each individual during this retreat to ensure everyone is comfortable with the itinerary and the experiences that they will have while they are taking part.

At the start of hte retreat, you will speak privately with the Ayahuasca expert.

The retreat includes yoga and breathwork classes, four Ayahuasca ceremonies, one Purgahuasca ceremony, sound therapy, a massage, flower baths, accommodation for seven nights, and three meals per day.

The accommodation is inside a beautifully decorated mansion where you can opt for a private room or share a double room with another guest of the retreat.

The retreat is only offered a few times a year, so be sure to check the dates that are available and sign up to receive emails when the next dates have been posted. It fills up fast.

The cost of the retreat covers quite a lot, including the expertise of Ayahuasca, which is rare in this part of the world. It starts at €2,350 (£2,122 GBP / $2,648 USD) and has a few price options. Check all of the costs, what’s included, and when you can join here.

pink yoga mat on a wooden board on a beach with the ocean in front.

Going on a yoga retreat in Malaga is a fun way to enjoy the beauty of this region of Spain.

4. Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Program

This Ayurvedic retreat is a 7-day program that takes place in the mountains in the Malaga region with incredible views back over the Mediterranean.

While yoga is a huge aspect of this rejuvenation retreat in Malaga, at the center of everything that you will learn about is the Ayurvedic way of life. This includes the way you eat, what you eat, your understanding of your personal body with how you exercise and how you digest, and the important connection between body and mind.

The retreat includes daily yoga sessions that include breathwork lessons, five Ayurvedic massages as well as three Ayurvedic head massages. There is an Ayurvedic cooking class where you will see a demonstration and then cook yourself and sit down to enjoy the meal with all of the attendees.

You will even be able to put together a three-month plan that focuses on your personal goals for your body and mind with an Ayurvedic expert.

The price also includes six nights of accommodation and three healthy meals per day. The accommodation has an outdoor swimming pool, air-conditioned rooms, WiFi, and bike rentals.

This program is fantastic because it is available all year long and can start whenever suits your schedule, whether that’s a Monday or a Thursday or any other day of the week. Check all of the available dates here.

All rooms are private rooms unless you book with another person, in which case you will share the double room and it will be slightly cheaper. For one person in a double room, the cost of the retreat is €2,750 (£2,484 GBP / $3,099 USD). You can see all of the price options and book this retreat here.

tapas from a restaurant in Malaga

You can enjoy the local food and tapas scene in Malaga if the retreat doesn’t cover every meal.

5. Luxury Private Yoga Retreat

Located just down the road from Malaga in the city of Marbella, this private yoga retreat lasts for five days.

It is one of the more affordable retreat options despite being a private retreat that offers private yoga instruction. That is mostly because only breakfast is included each day, so you will need to cook or purchase lunch and dinner. There is a kitchen onsite so you can prepare your own meals if you would prefer to do that.

The retreat price includes private yoga and meditation classes, sound healing sessions, aromatherapy, alignment with your chakras, a kobido facial massage, a Turkish bath session, and four nights of accommodation.

The fun thing about this yoga retreat is that you will do all types of yoga including Hatha, Nidra, and even aerial yoga if you want to try this unique type of yoga.

You will be right in Puerto Banús, Marbella’s most luxurious area, and in your free time, you can walk around the area or take one of the paddle boards and head out onto the water for some balance practice.

The price of this yoga retreat is €1,390 (£1,255 GBP / $1,566 USD) and is offered a few times a year. Check prices and availability here.

6. Iyengar Yoga Retreat

If you’re not familiar with Iyengar yoga, it is a style of yoga that focuses on detail, precision, and alignment. It relies heavily on the use of props to assist with poses so that your body is getting into exactly the right position to align your spine.

This retreat is a 7-day experience that is mainly for those that have experience with Iyengar yoga, so if you have already taken a few classes in this style of yoga, this is a great way to deepen your practice with like-minded yogis.

It is only offered a few times a year, so check here to see when the next available program is, or sign up to find out when the next one will be.

The retreat includes daily yoga classes with expert instruction, six nights of accommodation, daily meals cooked by a chef, massage treatments, and free time to explore the area.

The cost of this retreat starts at €1,639 (£1,395 GBP / $1,793 USD) which is for a private room with an ensuite bathroom. Check here for all price options and to book the retreat.

colorful plants in pots that are stuck to a white wall on a building.

Marbella is a beautiful area within the Malaga region where you can visit for a yoga retreat.

7. Wellness Yoga Holiday

This is a 7-day yoga retreat in Malaga that is usually only offered one week a year in the summer months. Check the dates here or sign up for their emails to find out when the next retreat takes place.

It is part relaxing vacation an part yoga retreat.

The schedule is very relaxed and includes plenty of time to enjoy the close-to-nature accommodation by hiking, wild swimming in nearby lakes, or simply sitting in a comfortable chair outside with a book.

The cost of this retreat includes three healthy meals per day, daily outdoor yoga and meditation sessions, and six nights of accommodation.

This retreat in Malaga starts at €1,292 (£1,100 GBP/ $1,414 USD) which is for a shared double room in one of their teepees or dome accommodations. Check all of the room options and book here.

8. 7-Day Yoga Retreat

This yoga retreat takes place in the quiet hills outside of Malaga’s city center where you can relax with views of the ocean, swim in a pool each day, and practice tons of yoga.

It’s a nice intimate retreat because there are never more than 10 people at the retreat center at one time.

The 7-day retreat includes morning and evening yoga classes, meditation walking tours, shuttles to and from the nearby beach, three home-cooked organic meals per day, and six nights of accommodation.

There is plenty of downtime between the yoga classes which allow you to have a vacation and a yoga retreat all in one.

This retreat is available a few times per year and usually begins on either a Friday or Saturday. You can check all of the available dates here.

The accommodation is in a shared house which is also where you will have your meals, take your yoga classes (usually outside, weather permitting), and where you will chill by the pool.

The prices vary depending on how many people you book onto the retreat with (up to three). For a single person in a private double room you will pay €1,527 (£1,300 GBP / $1,671 USD). See all prices and book this retreat here.

yoga retreat in malaga on the beach with the sun setting.

Doing yoga next to the sea is one of the best reasons to come and do a yoga retreat in Malaga.

9. Foodie and Yoga Retreats in Malaga

There’s not much more I love than yoga and eating, especially when that food consists of local Spanish food.

This 7-day retreat is a true experience for all of the senses. There are activities planned for every single day of the retreat and most of the activities are in some way food related.

The price includes daily yoga classes, transfers to and from the airport, cooking and dance lessons, excursions to various destinations around Malaga, daily meals, and six nights of accommodation.

They only release the dates to this retreat a few weeks before they take place, so be sure to sign up for their emails to find out as soon as the next time slot is available.

The accommodation is at the stunning Finca Al Limón Ecolodge where you have access to an outdoor swimming pool and a beautiful retreat center where your yoga classes will take place.

The cost of this yoga retreat in Malaga starts at €850 (£768 GBP / $958 USD). See all available prices and book this retreat here.

group of people doing yoga on the beach

Doing yoga on the beach is a perk of coming to do yoga in Malaga.

10. Bliss of Being Wellness Retreat

This is one of the best yoga retreats in Malaga if you want to focus on yoga, relaxation, meditation, and your health and well-being.

This type of retreat is really what I think of what I consider what I want from a yoga retreat. It is immersive and intense in its focus and practice of yoga and meditation.

It is available most of the year and you can begin the retreat whenever you want. Check dates and availability here.

It is an 8-day yoga retreat and includes six group yoga classes, six group meditation classes, one Bliss of Being intake consultation, a group hike, a one-hour massage, a 30-minute body scrub, three healthy meals per day, and seven nights of accommodation.

The hotel where the accommodation is has a pool, gym, sauna, steam room, and free WiFi.

It’s located about halfway between Malaga and Marbella in the town of Monda. Airport transfers are not included, so you’ll have to organize how you will get to the retreat. However, once you are here, everything else is included in the price.

For a private room and all of the things listed above, this retreat costs €2,816 (£2,538 GBP / $3,173 USD). Book this retreat here.