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6 Best Winter Workation Destinations in Spain

6 Best Winter Workation Destinations in Spain

Looking for a place to work this winter that is warm, packed with culture and world-class cuisine, or where you can go for a jog along the beach (and if you’re brave enough, jump into 16-degree Celsius waters!)?

Then you may want to consider a winter workation in Spain.

Holidu recently revealed a list of their top workation destinations and in a list of 10 destinations around Europe, Spain claimed no fewer than 6 of those spots!

Spain is such a varied country and whether you want big cities, small towns, museums and cafes, or beaches and sunshine, you can find it this winter in Spain.

A few of the places on this list are some of the warmest destinations in Spain in winter. But some of them aren’t warm at all. Some of them are just fantastic cities to experience the holidays, home to indoor activities that you will love, and have some of the best tapas bars in Spain.

Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll want to consider one of these top workation destinations in Spain this winter.

front of a castle with two turrets, a flag at the end of a bridge.

Valencia is a fantastic place to have a winter workation in Spain!

1. Valencia

In the list of top ten destinations in Europe for a winter workation, Valencia came out as number one.

And after spending a month there this summer, I understand why.

Digital Nomads are flocking to Valencia for the incredible beaches, the endless things to do in Valencia, and the epic things to do nearby.

It’s the perfect blend of city and beach. It’s a smaller city than Madrid and Barcelona, so you can get to know it well in a single season.

You have access to incredible history, a fantastic central market, tons of great bars and restaurants, and it’s a short 20-minute bus ride to the beach. Speaking of buses, the city is so well connected and you can also grab a fast train to Madrid and be in the capital in under 2 hours.

It also tops the list thanks to its affordability as a digital nomad destination. Rent is significantly lower than in other beach destinations and bigger cities. Your money goes a lot further in Valencia than in other popular Spanish destinations, which means more money for tapas.

There is also a great digital nomad visa option for when you inevitably fall in love and decide to stay in Valencia.

street with a church at the end of a narrow alley.

Wander through the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona, one of my favorite neighborhoods in the city.

2. Barcelona

Barcelona has long been a top destination for tourists and digital nomads.

The city is a great place to base yourself for a winter workation in Spain if you want to be able to meet tons of other digital nomads or fellow travelers.

There are Facebook groups and Meetup groups that are always hosting different events so that you can meet new people.

Barcelona is a haven for art and architecture lovers. It’s the home of Gaudi’s most incredible work as well as so many other fantastic museums that are well worth exploring when you’re not working.

There are tons of great free things to do in Barcelona if you’re on a shoestring and there are also so many great day trips from Barcelona for weekend adventures.

view of the city of Malaga from above.

Málaga is one of my favorite places to spend winter in Spain.

3. Málaga

If there’s one place on this list where I would personally spend my winter workation in Spain, it would be Málaga.

This is my absolute favorite beachside city in Spain for winter getaway. There are so many amazing beaches in Málaga, a huge choice of restaurants and bars, and a ton of great things to do when the weather isn’t going your way.

It is also the perfect base to explore all of the other epic things to do near Málaga. This region of Andalucia is packed with great hikes, cool small towns, and some of the most beautiful beaches in Spain.

It’s also on the Costa del Sol, the Sunshine Coast. That means that if you are craving some winter sun, there isn’t a much better place for it than right here in Málaga.

skyline of Madrid with the main boulevard, Gran Via, below.

Madrid has so many amazing museums, restaurants, and bars to enjoy despite the fact that it is quite chilly in the city during winter.

4. Madrid

While Madrid may not be home to the best weather in Spain in January, it is home to some of the best museums in Spain.

Explore the halls of El Prado, Reina Sofia, Thyssen, and the National Archeology Museum to name just a few.

Or nestle in with a big bowl of Cocido Madrileño, a pork and garbanzo bean stew that is local to Madrid and utterly delectable.

While spending a winter workation in Madrid might not seem like the cheapest option on this list, there are tons of neighborhoods in Madrid where you can still get a great short-term deal.

As long as you are not tied to being super central, you can easily hop on the Madrid metro and get absolutely anywhere with ease.

tower along a pedestrian walkway with the colors changing from the sunset.

Seville is best visited in the cooler winter months, so spend winter here enjoying the cooler temperatures.

5. Seville

There is no better time of year to visit Seville than in the wintertime.

Summer in Seville is busy with tourists and Hot with a capital H. Not just a little hot, over 40 degrees Celsius hot (over 104 degrees Fahrenheit).

Instead, spending a leisurely winter workation in Seville means you can explore at your own pace without the hoards of summer tourists at a temperature that is still more than comfortable for winter.

You can still expect daily highs of 17-20 degrees Celsius (62-68 degrees Celsius), which is perfect for all of the cool Seville tours you can take like biking, hiking, and exploring the nearby Roman ruins of Italica.

turquoise waters with boats floating in a bay with an island cliffs in the background.

Mallorca is a stunning part of Spain that you will fall in love with whatever time of year you visit.

6. Palma de Mallora

Last but certainly not least, Palma de Mallorca. If you are looking for a true winter workation escape in Spain packed with sunshine, warm weather, and amazing beaches, you should catch a flight to the Balearic Islands.

The capital of the island of Mallorca, Palma is a beautiful city that will offer you some seriously great weather.

While the neighboring island of Ibiza is famous for its parties and beach clubs, Mallorca is a much more chilled version with culture, great food, and equally magical beaches.

Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands, so if you plan to spend the whole winter here, I highly recommend renting a car (here are some tips for driving in Spain if it’s your first time!).

That way you can explore the far reaches of the island, check out all of the hiking in Mallorca, and of course, visit all of the stunning beaches.