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Weather in Spain in October: Region by Region Guide

Weather in Spain in October: Region by Region Guide

How is the weather in Spain in October? As fall progresses, we see comfortable daytime temperatures in most regions and an uptick in rain toward the end of the month.

On the whole, most places are still warm during the day and only a few degrees cooler at night. The Mediterranean Sea remains warm and swimmable for at least two-thirds of October in Spain.

Daylight hours are still plentiful but note that Spain switches back to standard time on the last Sunday in October.

All in all, October is the best month to take your first trip to Spain and enjoy a balance of outdoorsy and cultural activities.

A quick overview of the weather in Spain in October

The October weather in Spain is mild in all regions but day-to-day conditions are significantly more variable than the previous months.

The northern regions feel distinctly chillier after the warm summer and early fall weather. Southern and eastern Spain remain comfortable during the day but evenings are nippier.

Rain is to be expected in many locations (sporadic in the south, less so in the north) and temperatures will cool. However, October is by no shape or form the worst time to visit Spain.

The likelihood of rain is slim the further south you go although the northern coast is prone to clouds and drizzle.

  • Average Temperature: Average temperatures in October in Spain vary from 12°C (55°F) in the north and highland regions to around 23°C (75°F) in the south.
  • Precipitation: Rainfall is prevalent in October. The north receives the highest precipitation although for select southern cities, it’s the wettest month in Spain.
  • Sea Temperature in Spain in October: If the country has been consistently hot and sunny in August and September, the sea temperature will stay warm in October. It can actually feel warmer in fall in comparison to mid-spring. However, the cooler air temperatures can make it more uncomfortable when you leave the water so you’ll want to swim when the sun is strong.

This article looks at the typical weather in popular year-round vacation destinations in Spain.

bright blue skies over the top of a large white palace building in madrid with a large fountain at the front.

Madrid is perfection in October (most times of year, to be honest!).

Is Spain hot in October?

Mainland Spain in October is mild with some cities in the autonomous communities of Andalucia and Valencia experiencing hot weather. The subtropical Canary Islands remain hot in October.

As part of your trip planning, consult our comprehensive month-by-month guides to the weather in Spain. These will help you nail down the hottest and coldest months.

Barcelona: Perfect Weather in October in Spain

Beach season in Catalonia draws to a close in October. The weather in Barcelona in October is warm enough to enjoy the parks and it’s lovely for beachside walks. However, rain is more common and there’s a 50:50 chance of clouds.

The city is much quieter in October and it’s a wonderful time for a first visit.

  • Average Temperature: 24°C (75°F) is the norm with lows of 16.5°C (62°F).
  • Precipitation: October is the rainiest month in Barcelona with up to 100 mm of rain.
  • Sea Temperature: It can be as high as 22°C (71.5°F) at the start of the month but will be closer to 19°C (66°F) by the end.
  • Activities: Visit all the Gaudí spots and enjoy the reduction in crowds. The weather in Barcelona in October is perfect for visiting La Sagrada Família, Park Güell, and Montjuïc. This three-day itinerary is custom-made for October in Barcelona.
guggenheim museum in bilbao with the river in front of it.

The Bilbao Guggenheim Museum is a great place to explore during October in Bilbao when the weather starts to turn in northern Spain.

Northern Spain: Grape Harvest Season

Northern Spain refers to the Galicia, Asturias, Basque Country, Cantabria, and Navarra coastal regions and the wine areas of La Rioja and Castile and León. It’s a fairly large area but the conditions are comparable.

These northern areas receive the coolest temperatures and highest rainfall. October is a mixed bag and you’ll need to prepare for cloudy, rain, wind, and mist as well as startlingly sunny bursts.

  • Average Temperature: Usually around 16°C (61°F) with highs of 18/19°C (64/66°F).
  • Precipitation: With an average of 10 to 12 rainy days in the northern regions, Santiago de Compostela receives 150 mm, Bilbao sees 111 mm, and San Sebastian gets 132 mm in October.
  • Sea Temperature: The average is around 18°C (64°F).
  • Activities: Participate in the annual grape harvest. October is the second month of harvest events and experiences. Hide from the rain at a tapas place – these are our favorite restaurants in Santander.

Málaga and the Costa del Sol: Sunny and Fresh

Málaga, Marbella, and the Costa de Sol – some of the best beach towns in Spain – have just about returned to normalcy come October. The temperatures do plummet after the highs of September but you’re still looking at cordial, sun-filled days.

October is the best month to visit Málaga before the weather takes a turn for the wet; November is the rainiest month in this region. The weather is similar in the rest of the Costa del Sol although there are slight differences at the resorts.

  • Average Temperature: The mean is a toasty 20°C (68°F) with highs a little lower on the warmest days.
  • Precipitation: October brings 55 mm of rain to Málaga over six days.
  • Sea Temperature: It’s around 19°C (66°F) at the start of the month, gradually falling to 17°C (62.5°F) by the end of October.
  • Activities: If drizzle is forecast, whisk yourself away on one of these day trips from Màlaga to escape it. October is an excellent time to find low-season bargains on yoga retreats in Málaga.
valencia train station with blue skies and fluffy white clouds above, a yellow train station building with people walking into the station.

The Valencia Train Station can take you to so many great day trips or you can explore the stunning tile mosaics inside.

Valencia: Cooler But Comfortable

The city and wider area of Valencia are cooler this month. However, the sea is still lovely and warm, giving you some of the best beach weather in Spain in October.

When it rains in October, it tends to fall fast and heavy, then stop. It shouldn’t interfere or “dampen” your experience too much but you’ll appreciate having an umbrella or waterproof in your bag.

  • Average Temperature: You can anticipate highs of 23°C (75°F) at the start of October with this sliding to 18°C (64°F) by the end.
  • Precipitation: This is a rainy month typically aggregating 77-89 mm across 10 days of rainfall.
  • Sea Temperature: It’s still a good time to swim with temperatures hovering around 22°C (71.5°F).
  • Activities: Consider a low-season workation in Valencia as accommodation prices dwindle. Visit early in the month to partake in the festivities for the annual Day of the Valencia Community.

Madrid: Best Time to Visit Marvelous Madrid

The weather in Madrid in October is colder than in Barcelona and southern cities. However, it’s still mild and won’t hold you back from diving into all the wonderful cultural spots and parks.

October is one of the best times to visit Madrid. It’s such a contrast after the intense and crowded summer and is a lovely time to commit to a longer stay. Consider spending four days in Madrid combining the city center and a couple of day trips.

  • Average Temperature: Usually around 15°C (59°F) with average lows of 9°C (48°F) at night and 19°C (66°F) on warmer days.
  • Precipitation: The weather in Madrid in October is wetter than previous months with an average of 40 mm scattered over 10 days.
  • Activities: Madrid is the best place in Spain in October if you’re looking for festivals and events. Architecture Week, the Suma Flemenca Festival, and the Madrid International Jazz Festival all occur in October.
castle on a hill in the distance with a stone wall winding its way from the castle to the base of the hill.

October is a great time of year to explore many of the castles and ruins around Spain because it’s quieter and cooler.

Alicante: Awesome Autumnal Vibes

Alicante has some of the best beach weather in Spain in October. While not crazy hot, the weather is exactly right for laying back on the sand with a book and jumping in for a dip when the sun is at its hottest.

After the swell of summer, October is lovely and peaceful so you won’t have to worry about pre-booking places to eat.

  • Average Temperature: A pleasant 20°C (68°F) during the day falling to around 15°C (59°F).
  • Precipitation: October is the wettest month in Alicante with an average of 66 mm affecting 10 days.
  • Sea Temperature: It’s a tad warmer than Valencia with an average of 21°C (70°F) at the start of the month.
  • Activities: The mild but not too hot weather is perfect for cycling. Rent a bike and cycle the beachfront or sign up for an e-bike tour to benefit from a local guide service.

Almería: Arid With a Chance of Rain

Almeria is another spot that receives the best weather in Spain in October: warm and dry with swimmable water. There’s a nip in the air in the morning and evenings are cooler but you’ll have late summer conditions most days of the month.

As is becoming a trend in October in Spain, rain is likely to affect the tail end of the month.

  • Average Temperature: Highs can reach 26°C (79°F) but the mean temperature is 23°C (75°F).
  • Precipitation: There are seven days of rain amounting to around 30 mm.
  • Sea Temperature: Starting off at 22°C (71.5°F) and dropping to 19°C (66°F).
  • Activities: October is the perfect time for horseback riding in the Tabernas Desert before the heavier rains of November. Rent a car and visit the hilltop town of Mojácar and the cave complex of Cueva de Sorbas.
plaza de espana in seville with red brick buildings in the background and a large open plaza in the foreground.

Plaza de España is a wonderful place to explore when visiting Seville and the temperatures in October make it a perfectly pleasant place to explore by day (an impossible feat in August!).

Seville: Balmy October Weather in Spain

Seville has the best weather in Spain in October. Temperatures are now at an optimum range for sightseeing and any rain will be fleeting.

The weather gradually cools and rain tends to be likelier toward the end of the month.

  • Average Temperature: Seville is one of the warmest places in Spain in October with days sitting at least 20°C (68°F) but often climbing to 25/30°C (77/86°F).
  • Precipitation: 70 mm of rain falls in October over an average of six days.
  • Activities: Seville is well-positioned for exploring the autonomous community of Andalucia. Consider using Seville as a base and dedicating a couple of days to the city’s sights plus a couple of day trips to the coast and such nearby cities as Córdoba and the Pueblos Blancos.

Ibiza: The Last Hurrah

Despite being rainier, Ibiza sees some of the best beach weather in Spain in October. The sun loses its power but remains warm enough not to worry about carting a jacket around during the day.

Prices drop a little after summer so seize the day for a spot of early winter sun.

  • Average Temperature: Expect lows of 18°C (64°F) in the evenings and daytime averages between 21/25°C (70/77°F).
  • Precipitation: October is the wettest month and brings averages between 55 mm and 75 mm.
  • Sea Temperature: It’s a swimmable 23°C (75°F).
  • Activities: October sees the closing parties at Ibiza Town and Saint Antoni’s superclubs. Assuming you wake up hangover-free, October is ideal for tackling outdoor activities in Ibiza like hiking and kayaking.
wooden mushroom shaped structure over a large plaza in spain in october with sunshine and blue skies above.

Exploring Seville and other parts of Southern Spain in October is the ideal time to enjoy the outdoor sites without melting.

Canary Islands: Neverending Summer

October is the wettest month in Spain’s southernmost archipelago. As you’ll see, it barely warrants the need to pack a brolly for your fall getaway to the Canary Islands!

Fall still brings some of the best beach weather in Spain in October, especially in Tenerife. All islands are blessed with long days – almost 11 hours of daylight.

  • Average Temperature: Slightly cooler than summer but still warm with lows of 19°C (66°F) and highs of 27°C (80.5°F) and averages anywhere in between.
  • Precipitation: One day of rainfall accumulates a monthly average of 11 mm.
  • Sea Temperature: Swim every day of your vacation in 23°C (75°F) waters.
  • Activities: Make the most of those long days of sunlight by enrolling in an open water course. October is one of the best months to scuba dive in the Canaries with a high chance of encouraging sharks and rays.

What else is happening in Spain in October?

October might be the best time to visit Spain for events.

You’ll find a mix of wine harvest activities alongside food, cultural, and traditional festivals in Spain. Here’s an overview of what’s on this month.

Fiestas del Pilar: This annual festival in Zaragoza happens around 12 October. The city erupts with colorful parades where flowers are offered to the patron saint. The Glass Rosary parade sees floats made entirely of glass.

Day of the Valencia Community: Also known as the Nou d’Octubre, this annual event takes place on 9 October in the whole region. It commemorates the conquest of James I of Aragon over the Moors and honors the patron saint, San Dionisio.

Galicia Seafood Festival: Focused in the village of O Grove, this 10-day Galician festival sees shellfish and fish sold at bargain prices to a backdrop of music and dance.

Sitges Film Festival: One for the movie buffs, this festival is a major event for fans of fantasy and horror films.