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Weather in Spain in April: A Guide to Spain’s Regions

Weather in Spain in April: A Guide to Spain’s Regions

Spain in April is magical. Whether you want warm beaches, spring in the city, or thawing in the mountains, there’s something in Spain to enjoy during the start of spring.

As winter fades into memory and the promise of spring takes hold, April graces Spain with a delightful transformation. This is a month when the landscapes burst into bloom, and the country’s diverse regions welcome the warmth of the sun.

In this comprehensive guide to April weather in Spain, we embark on a journey through the Iberian Peninsula to explore the nuances of climate, festivals in Spain in April, and the many outdoor adventures that define this vibrant month.

From the blossoming almond trees in Andalusia to the lively celebrations of Semana Santa, join along as we uncover the diverse tapestry of offerings in April in Spain and the unique experiences it unfolds.

A Quick Overview of April in Spain

If you are wondering what it is like in Spain in April, wonder no more. As April arrives in Spain, the country experiences a notable shift in weather patterns.

  • Average Temperature: Across Spain, April introduces milder temperatures, with daytime highs ranging from a comfortable 15°C (59°F) to warmer 21°C (70°F) in many regions. Evenings are generally mild, offering pleasant conditions for outdoor activities.
  • Precipitation: April marks a decrease in rainfall compared to previous months, creating drier and more inviting atmospheres. While some regions may experience light showers, overall precipitation levels diminish, allowing for enjoyable outdoor pursuits.
  • Snow: Snow becomes a rarity in most regions, especially in lower altitudes. Mountainous areas, such as the Pyrenees and Sierra Nevada, may still offer opportunities for late-season skiing but are transitioning toward milder conditions.
  • Sea Temperatures: Coastal areas start to witness a gradual increase in sea temperatures, making beach activities more inviting. However, the waters are still relatively cool, ranging from around 14°C (57°F) to 19°C (66°F), depending on the specific region.

As Spain awakens to the warmth and vibrancy of April, its diverse regions offer a myriad of experiences, blending the beauty of nature with the cultural richness that defines this enchanting country.

colorful flowers over a table with a painted buildings in the background.

Flowers are in bloom in April in Spain.

Barcelona: Gaudi’s Blooms and Seaside Dreams

Barcelona awakens in April with the arrival of spring, unveiling a city adorned in nature’s vibrant hues. A haven for art and culture, Barcelona in April is one of the best times of year to visit.

Spend three days in Barcelona exploring the history, going on some fun Barcelona food tours, and then hop on a fast train to the even warmer city of Zaragoza for a lesser-visited escape.

As winter’s chill fades, the city invites travelers to stroll through sun-dappled streets, exploring iconic landmarks and savoring the unique blend of history, art, and coastline that make Barcelona a springtime delight.

  • Average Temperature: Barcelona in April boasts mild and pleasant temperatures, with daytime highs averaging around 17°C (63°F) climbing into the low 20s later in the month.
  • Precipitation: April sees an average of 10 rainy days in April with about 28mm of rain.
  • Snow: Snow is exceedingly rare in Barcelona during April.
  • Sea Temperature: While the Mediterranean Sea warms up, it remains relatively cool at around 15°C (59°F).
  • Activities: April is tapas weather. Simple as that. This is your time to sit in the city’s sunny plazas and squares, catching some warm rays, and enjoying a bubbly glass of cava. You can also take a leisurely bike ride through a lesser-trodden neighborhood like Gracia.
beach in costa brava with turquoise water and rocky cliffs.

Get yourself to the Costa Brava for stunning views of the coastline at this time of year.

Northern Spain: Basque Breezes and Coastal Charms

In Northern Spain, April marks the emergence of a milder climate. The landscape remains lush with green vistas that extend from the rugged mountains to the picturesque coastline.

Moderate precipitation sustains the verdant charm of Basque Country and Asturias. Higher elevations may still catch the occasional snowfall, adding a touch of winter’s farewell. Coastal areas beckon with a maritime allure.

April invites nature enthusiasts to explore the cultural tapestry woven into the scenic landscapes of Northern Spain.

  • Average Temperature: Northern Spain in April boasts milder temperatures, with daytime highs around 15°C (59°F).
  • Precipitation: The region experiences moderate precipitation, averaging approximately 100mm during April.
  • Snow: Limited to higher elevations, snow is a possibility in April in Northern Spain.
  • Sea Temperature: Coastal areas feature inviting sea temperatures around 12°C (54°F).
  • Activities: In April, venture off the beaten path in Northern Spain by hiking the scenic trails of Picos de Europa or exploring the lesser-known coastal villages like Lastres. Hop onto a piece of the Camino del Norte to see the coastal cities between Bilbao and San Sebastian. Embrace the local gastronomy scene with a sidrería tour in Asturias, sampling the region’s renowned cider and indulging in authentic seafood dishes.
northern spain with views of the sea and a chapel on the side in april in spain.

Northern Spain at this time of year is perfect for hiking.

Malaga and the Costa del Sol: Sun-Kissed Andalusian Bliss

April is a great time to visit Malaga and the Costa del Sol. Minimal precipitation creates an idyllic environment for the region’s golden beaches and historical exploration in Malaga.

The vibrant Andalusian coast comes alive, inviting beachgoers to indulge in the Mediterranean allure. Explore all of the great things to do in Malaga, visit the beach clubs of Marbella, or rent a car in Malaga and get out to explore all of the fun day trips from Malaga that are perfect in this April weather.

With the sea offering a cool embrace, April in this coastal paradise is a blend of historical charm, seaside relaxation, and the blossoming flowers of Andalucia’s white towns.

  • Average Temperature: Malaga and the Costa del Sol have some of the most pleasant temperatures in Spain in April, with daytime highs around 21°C (70°F).
  • Precipitation: This is the last month that usually sees rain with about 41mm.
  • Snow: It rarely snows in Malaga.
  • Sea Temperature: The Mediterranean Sea warms up to an enjoyable 18°C (64°F).
  • Activities: Beyond the beaches, April in Malaga invites you to discover the Moorish influences in the Alcazaba fortress or meander through the historic streets of Soho, one of the best neighborhoods in Malaga.  Experience the coastal charm in lesser-known towns like Nerja, and savor local delicacies at beachfront chiringuitos.
costa del sol with flowers flowing down the building in april in spain.

Enjoy the Costa del Sol in April.

Valencia: Paella Perfected Under April Skies

Valencia welcomes April with a delightful embrace of spring. Spring in Valencia is one of the best times to visit this city to enjoy all of the best things to do in Valencia, explore all of the day trips from Valencia, and do it all with fewer tourists and cooler temperatures than mid-summer.

As the temperature rises, Valencia really comes alive. Explore the architectural wonders of the City of Arts and Sciences, stroll through the charming Old Town, and savor the renowned paella against a backdrop of mild and enjoyable weather.

April in Valencia is a celebration of culture, gastronomy, and the city’s warm and welcoming ambiance.

  • Average Temperature: Valencia in April welcomes delightful spring weather, with daytime highs around 21°C (70°F).
  • Precipitation: The city experiences minimal precipitation, averaging 39mm, creating a comfortable atmosphere for exploration.
  • Snow: Snow is virtually unheard of in Valencia during April.
  • Sea Temperature: The sea temperature remains cool, around 16°C (61°F).
  • Activities: Get outside in April in Valencia.  Explore the murals in the Russafa and El Carmen neighborhoods. Escape the urban bustle by exploring the Turia Gardens, transformed from a riverbed into a lush park. Join locals in the tradition of “horchata” tasting, a refreshing drink made from tiger nuts. Enjoy a traditional Spanish breakfast al fresco in one of the city’s many plazas. Or head out to start exploring the nearby beaches in Valencia. The weather will most certainly be warm enough for some beach volleyball!

Madrid: Spring Strolls in the Spanish Capital

April transforms Madrid with a gentle touch of warmth. Light precipitation means that allows locals and visitors can explore the cultural richness of the city without carrying an umbrella around all day.

As spring takes hold, enjoy two days in Madrid to stroll through iconic parks like Retiro, explore renowned museums like the Prado, and embrace the vibrant nightlife. The tapas bars in Madrid are some of the best in Spain!

The improving weather sets the stage for outdoor activities and vibrant city exploration in April.

  • Average Temperature: Madrid in April transforms with mild temperatures, offering daytime highs around 18°C (64°F).
  • Precipitation: The city experiences light precipitation, approximately 50mm, creating a comfortable environment for exploration.
  • Snow: Snow is uncommon in Madrid during April.
  • Activities: Delve into Madrid’s local life in April by exploring the historic Lavapiés neighborhood, known for its multicultural atmosphere and diverse food scene. Escape the city bustle with a visit to El Capricho Park, Madrid’s hidden gem, and partake in outdoor activities like paddle boating in the Retiro Park lake.
streets of spain with a church at the top of the stairs.

Catalonia is a wonderful place to explore in Spain in April.

Alicante: Costa Blanca’s April Radiance

April in Alicante brings with it a gentle warmth. The city, nestled on the Costa Blanca, is a hive of activity in the spring. Considering it is often named one of the warmest places in Spain in winter, you can imagine how good the weather gets as we inch closer to the summer months.

Low precipitation in April creates an ideal climate for those seeking sun-soaked days on the beautiful beaches.

The inviting Mediterranean waters, while still cool, are warm enough for Northern European beachgoers to enjoy the coastal charms.

Alicante in April is great for visitors to explore not only its historic sites but also the vibrant coastal towns and engage in water sports, all with a wonderfully warm and comfortable spring climate.

  • Average Temperature: Alicante in April has warm temperatures, with daytime highs around 20°C (68°F).
  • Precipitation: The region experiences minimal precipitation, around 25mm, creating an ideal environment for enjoying the outdoor lifestyle of Costa Blanca.
  • Snow: Snow is a rare occurrence in Alicante during April.
  • Sea Temperature: The Mediterranean waters remain cool at around 16°C (62°F).
  • Activities: In April, venture beyond the beaches of Alicante by exploring the Santa Bárbara Castle at sunset for breathtaking views of the city. Embrace the local market scene at Mercado Central, where you can sample fresh produce and regional specialties. Take a scenic hike in the Montgó Natural Park for a nature-filled escape. There are tons of great things to do in Alicante to keep you busy on an April trip to Spain.
flower plots on a white wall in spain in april.

Flowers are ever-present in Spain in spring.

Almeria: Desert Blooms in Spain’s Warmest Spot

April in Almeria offers a touch of warmth, marking the arrival of spring in one of Spain’s hottest climates. The pleasant temperatures create the perfect atmosphere for outdoor enthusiasts.

Minimal precipitation allows the unique landscapes of the Tabernas Desert and the Sierra de Alhamilla to flourish. While the Mediterranean waters remain relatively cool, around 15°C (59°F), you can still enjoy plenty of sunshine and it may even cool you off after a hot hike in Cabo de Gata.

April in Almeria offers visitors the option to go hiking in the Sierra de Alhamilla, discover the captivating landscapes of the Tabernas Desert, or simply enjoy the lovely beaches around Almeria.

  • Average Temperature: Almeria in April experiences pleasant temperatures with daytime highs averaging around 20°C (68°F).
  • Precipitation: The region experiences minimal precipitation, approximately 15mm, making it an ideal time for outdoor activities and exploration.
  • Snow: Snow is exceptionally rare in Almeria during April.
  • Sea Temperature: The sea remains relatively cool, around 18°C (64°F).
  • Activities: Discover the unique landscapes of Almeria in April by exploring the lunar-like terrain of the Tabernas Desert. Enjoy birdwatching at Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park, a haven for migratory birds. Dive into the region’s cinematic history by visiting the Oasys Mini Hollywood theme park.

Seville: Flamenco Flourishes in April’s Warm Embrace

April transforms Seville into a blooming paradise. If you want some warm but not hot weather while visiting Seville, this is the perfect time of year to plan your trip.

Light precipitation adds a touch of freshness without dampening the city’s spirit. As an inland destination, Seville doesn’t concern itself with sea temperatures, but the Guadalquivir River and the city’s historic fountains become refreshing havens.

April in Seville is a time of cultural celebrations, lively festivals, and exploration amidst iconic landmarks like the Alcazar and the Seville Cathedral, all under the warm and welcoming skies. There are so many amazing things to do in Seville and April is one of the best months to do them thanks to the warm weather.

  • Average Temperature: Seville in April transforms into a springtime paradise, with daytime highs around 22°C (72°F).
  • Precipitation: The city experiences light precipitation, averaging 57mm over only 7 days in the entire month.
  • Snow: Snow is exceedingly rare in Seville during April.
  • Activities: April in Seville means that you can immerse yourself in local traditions by attending a flamenco show in the historic Triana district. Escape the crowds by exploring the Alameda de Hércules, a lively square favored by locals for its trendy bars and artistic vibe. Take a leisurely boat ride on the Guadalquivir River for a unique perspective of the city. Or hop on a Seville tour to the ancient Roman city of Italica to see some incredibly well-preserved mosaics.
island in the distance with sailboats in the water.

Head to Ibiza or the Canary Islands in spring for warm sunny beaches.

Ibiza: April’s Beats in the Balearics

April in Ibiza offers visitors a gentle transition into spring. There are warmer temperatures that are perfect for al fresco dining, yoga on the beach, and budding flowers covering the walls of the main town’s white-washed buildings.

Light precipitation in April enhances the island’s natural beauty without interrupting the festivities.

The weather in April in Spain’s Balearic Islands allows for carefree exploration of early-season parties and the stunning landscapes that define Ibiza. While you may not be able to enjoy the beach clubs in Ibiza to their fullest, there are still tons of great things to do in Ibiza at this time of year.

The sea temperature rises slightly, adding the chance to enjoy some fun water activities before all of the tourists start arriving in hoards.

  • Average Temperature: Ibiza in April has pleasant temperatures, boasting daytime highs around 17°C (63°F).
  • Precipitation: The island experiences light precipitation, around 36mm.
  • Snow: Snow is virtually unheard of in Ibiza during April.
  • Sea Temperature: The sea temperature rises to around 15°C (59°F).
  • Activities: Beyond the party scene, April in Ibiza offers tranquility. Explore the lesser-known places to stay in Ibiza like the village of Sant Joan de Labritja, known for its bohemian charm. Embark on a coastal hike along the cliffs of Es Vedrà, and indulge in a farm-to-table dining experience in the heart of the island.

Canary Islands: April’s Tranquil Tides and Volcanic Vibes

April in the Canary Islands is utterly delightful. The archipelago, scattered amidst the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean, is one of the few places in Europe where you can start laying at the beach in April.

Lush landscapes, adorned with the unique flora of the islands offer a visual feast to visitors. April invites exploration, whether it be lounging on pristine beaches, hiking through diverse terrains, or indulging in water sports amidst the inviting waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Average Temperature: The Canary Islands maintain a mild and pleasant climate in April, with daytime highs around 22°C (72°F).
  • Precipitation: The region experiences minimal precipitation, averaging 10mm.
  • Snow: Snow is virtually nonexistent in the Canary Islands during April.
  • Sea Temperature: The sea is relatively warm, with temperatures around 19°C (66°F).
  • Activities: Discover the underwater world by trying snorkeling or diving in the crystalline waters of El Hierro. Attend local festivals, such as the Fiesta de la Cruz, to experience the vibrant culture of the islands.
hiking trail with blue skies and the sea in the distance.

April in Spain is one of the best times to go hiking in the region.

What Else is Happening in Spain in April?

As the cold winds of winter turn into slightly warmer breezes, April in Spain turns into one of the best places to be at this time of year.

Amidst the temperate spring weather in Spain, several noteworthy festivals offer locals and visitors alike the opportunity to partake in some wonderful parts of Spanish culture.

Holy Week (Semana Santa)

Spain’s Holy Week transcends religious observance, transforming into a captivating cultural spectacle. From the solemn processions in Seville to the intricate religious displays in Granada, Holy Week is a poignant reflection of Spain’s deep connection to its Catholic heritage.

This always takes place in the week leading up to Easter Sunday. So it is not always in April, sometimes it is in March in Spain.

April Fair (Feria de Abril) in Seville

Seville’s Feria de Abril is a jubilant showcase of Andalusian culture. The Real de la Feria transforms into a colorful extravaganza, where locals clad in traditional attire dance Sevillanas, and horse-drawn carriages parade through the fairgrounds.

It’s a fantastic celebration of music, dance, and camaraderie under the radiant spring sun. Be sure to book your Seville accommodation at least a month or more in advance. Things book out quickly for this festival and it brings visitors from all over the world.

Moors and Christians Festival

Held in various regions, the Moors and Christians Festival is a spirited reenactment of Spain’s medieval history. Elaborate parades, vibrant costumes, and mock battles commemorate the Reconquista, blending history and folklore in cities like Alcoy and Villajoyosa.

San Jorge (St. George’s Day) in Catalonia

Celebrated primarily in Catalonia, San Jorge or Sant Jordi in Catalan, is a day of cultural significance and romantic tradition. The day involves the exchange of books and roses, with streets adorned with literary and floral displays.

The city squares transform into open-air book fairs, where people celebrate literature, love, and the spirit of Catalonia.