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Valencia Train Stations: Everything You Need to Know

Valencia Train Stations: Everything You Need to Know

Getting to Valencia is easy with a nearby airport, a large bus station, and two Valencia train stations with which to access the city.

Spain’s third-largest city has grown in popularity over the last few years, and for good reason. It has both metropolitan and Mediterranean vibes.

You can enjoy top restaurants, traditional and international cuisines, great nightlife, and beautiful Valencia beaches. Whether you are spending a mere 3 days in Valencia or you’re here long enough to explore all of the things to do in Valencia as well as all of the top Valencia day trips

Valencia Train Stations

There are two train stations in Valencia, Estació del Nord and Estació de Joaquin Sorolla. 

The two stations are very close to each other and are easily walkable between the two if you need to transfer between one station and another. Which train station you will use will depend on where you are going to or arriving from.

The Estacio del Nord is a regional station while Joaquin Sorolla caters to the fast trains like the Ave and other long-distance trains in Spain that you can use to get further afield to Barcelona or Madrid.

wall inside a train station with tiles and mosaics.

The inside of the Estacion del Norte station in Valencia is worth visiting even if you aren’t taking a train anywhere.

Estació del Nord

Estació del Nord is seen as the main train station in Valencia because it is the oldest of the two. If you are arriving at the Valencia airport or by bus, you may still want to stop at this station to see the stunning tile work here.

It is called Estació del Nord in Valencian, Estación del Norte in Spanish, and simply the North Station in English (even though it is in fact in the southern part of the city center). The station was named so after the Compañía de los Caminos de Hierro del Norte who owned and built this station before the railways were nationalized in 1941.

in 1961, the station was named a Historic-Artistic Monument, and for good reason. A stroll through the station lobby and waiting rooms reveals beautifully painted tile work and old-school ticket counters that harken back to a time when train travel was a little bit more glamorous than it is today.

outside of estacio del nord, the north station and one of the two valencia train stations.

Outside of the beautiful North Station in Valencia.

What trains can you take from Estación del Norte?

Trains from the North Station are regional Cercanias trains. Most Valencia day trips to places like Sagunto, Castellon de la Plana, Requena, and Xátiva. 

These trains run very regularly throughout the day and you can purchase tickets at the station from any of the ticket counters, online at the RENFE website, at any ticket machines inside the station, or on comparison websites like Omio. 

Tickets for Cercanias trains do not come with seat reservations, so you are not guaranteed a seat. Arrive early so that you aren’t standing for the whole journey.

How to Get to Valencia North Station

Several bus routes can get you close to the entrance of Estació del Nord. The buses that stop directly outside the station include 35, 8, 19, and 6. A block away you can also reach the station with buses 81, 40, and the C1 bus that circles the city’s exterior. 

If you are staying close to a metro station, the nearest metro stop to Estación del Norte is the Xátiva stop which is on lines 3, 5, and 9.

If you are staying anywhere near the city center, you are likely no more than a 20-minute walk here.

colorful tiles inside a waiting room in valencia train stations.

Inside the Valencia Nord station, you’ll be able to see stunning tile work in one of the waiting rooms.

Amenities inside the station

Inside Estación del Norte, you will find some fast food restaurants, ticket counters, ticket machines, an information desk, and public bathrooms. If you do not have a ticket, the public bathrooms cost €1.

If you have a ticket, you can go through the turnstiles with your ticket and there is a free bathroom to the left of the train tracks. Cercanias trains also have toilets onboard.

Estació Joaquin Sorolla

Estació Joaquin Sorolla was inaugurated in 2010 when the Valencia to Madrid fast train began operating. With this Ave train, the fastest type of train in the country, you can get from Valencia to Madrid in under 2 hours.

The station was named after the famous Spanish painter, Joaquin Sorolla, who is from the Valencia region. At the beginning of 2023, contracts were signed for a complete overhaul of the train station to make it bigger and better.

This new mega-station will replace both the current Joaquin Sorolla station as well as the North Station, making it easier to travel by train to and from Valencia with one centralized station.

outside of the valencia Joaquin Sorolla train station with blue skies above.

Estacion Joaquin Sorolla is a newer, more modern station in Valencia.

What trains can you get from Estación de Joaquin Sorolla?

This is the Valencia station you will come to if you are going to take Ave, Alvia, or Euromed trains to other parts of Spain. The main destinations you can reach from Valencia Joaquin Sorolla are Madrid, Barcelona, Girona, Seville, Alicante, and Cartagena.

It’s always best to book train tickets at least a week or more in advance in Spain because the prices change much like airline tickets do as you get closer to the date. 

You can book tickets for these trains at the station machines, at the ticket counters, or online. Tickets for these trains all require seat reservations, so if you are traveling with an Interrail or Eurail pass, you will still need to book a seat.

How to get to Estació Joaquin Sorolla

If you are coming from the North Station, it’s about a 5-10 minute walk between the two stations. You can also reach the station using public transportation. 

The closest metro station is Jesus Station which is accessible on lines 1, 2, and 7.

If you are accessing the station by bus you can take buses 31, 27, or 64 which stop directly outside of the station.

inside of train station with two trains waiting on the tracks.

The fast Ave trains are available at the Sorolla station.

Amenities inside the station

Inside the Valencia Joaquin Sorolla station, you’ll find McDonald’s, a tourism office, shops like pharmacies and convenience stores, car rental agencies, and a few cafes. 

This station is newer and larger than North Station so there are a few more amenities. If you have a ticket, there are free bathrooms beyond the turnstiles. If you do not, the bathrooms here also cost €1 (but they are significantly cleaner than the paid bathrooms in North Station).

Hotels Near the Valencia Train Stations

If you are looking for nice hotels near the Valencia train stations, you’re better off simply staying somewhere in the city center and grabbing a taxi to get you where you want to go quickly.

Train stations in Spain aren’t usually in the best neighborhoods and while the neighborhood around both Valencia train stations is by no means dangerous, it is also not home to the best hotels in Valencia. In fact, it is where most of the budget hostels and pensiones are located.

If you are looking for a hotel close to North Station, you can’t beat Up! Hostel. This is the only accommodation located inside either of the Valencia train stations. If you are arriving late or leaving very early, it’s a great budget option. It’s also just generally a popular hostel for backpackers visiting Valencia.

For something a little bit more upmarket but still within walking distance of the stations, Zalamera BnB is a nice option. It’s clean, has a rooftop, offers free bikes for exploring the city, the rooms are quite stylish, and a good breakfast is included in your stay. Book a stay at Zalamera BnB here.

inside of a train station with people standing near the tracks waiting for their trains to arrive.

The Joaquin Sorolla train station in Valencia is about to undergo a complete rehaul, so expect some changes and construction work in the next few years.

Other Ways to Get to Valencia

Valencia is a very well-connected city in Spain. You can get here from all over Spain by bus, usually with the ALSA bus company

The Valencia bus station is located in the northwestern part of the city not too far from the city center. Buses are without a doubt the cheapest way to get around Spain. So if you are a budget traveler, this is the best option for you to get to Valencia.

The Valencia Airport is a very well-connected airport with connections throughout Spain with budget airlines like Vueling. You can also reach cities in Europe like London, Berlin, Frankfurt, Paris, and more with airlines like Wizz and Ryanair.

The final way is to rent a car in Spain and drive to Valencia. If you are staying for a while, this is a great way to get out and explore the entire region of Valencia. Of course, if you are only visiting the city for a quick weekend in Valencia, a car is unnecessary.