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8 Amazing Meditation Retreats in Spain

8 Amazing Meditation Retreats in Spain

If you are looking for a wonderful meditation retreat in Spain, check out this list of wonderful retreats around Spain.

All of these retreats are available in English and if you would also like to test your Spanish, many of them are also available in Spanish.

The meditation retreats in Spain vary in length and price. Some also include yoga or other activities. Some include tours of the area or airport pick-up and drop-off.

Many of the retreats are fully immersive and offer classes, accommodation, and meals while you are staying there as well.

Whether you want to get lost in the mountains or have a relaxing meditation retreat by the sea, there are tons of great options for Spain meditation retreats.

Meditation Retreats in Spain

Meditation retreats in Spain are quite affordable (much more affordable than yoga retreats in Spain). Depending on how long you want to get away from it all and how luxurious you want your accommodation to be, you can enjoy a retreat for under €500.

Most of these Spain meditation retreats are lot located in big cities. They are all located in wonderfully peaceful places where you can completely disconnect from the outside world and reconnect with your inner world.

I always use sites like Tripaneer or Book Yoga Retreats to find the best prices for retreats across a whole country or region. It allows you to filter by price and location and find the best retreats for your budget.

person sitting on rocks on top of a mountain with clouds below them and the sun setting.

Meditation retreats in Spain are a great way to enjoy wonderful Spanish sunshine alongside a relaxing getaway.

1. Silent Meditation and Yoga Retreat near Barcelona

This four-day meditation retreat in Spain is located in Santa Maria de Merlès which is a one-and-a-half-hour drive or three-hour train ride from Barcelona.

It is organized by the Hot Yoga Academy in Barcelona and is offered two or three times throughout the year. You can see all the different dates here.

The price of the meditation retreat starts at €450 (£408 GBP / $502 USD). This includes four days of voluntary silence, four yoga classes, daily guided meditation classes, three nights of accommodation, and three meals per day.

For the base price, you will sleep in a shared double room, but there are also options for a slightly higher price if you would prefer to have your own room (but if you’re both being silent, it should be a pretty relaxing sleep either way!).

This Spain meditation retreat is for going within. You will have at least three meditation sessions per day as well as breath technique classes and sometimes two or three yoga classes per day.

If you are looking for a retreat in Spain that really gets you away from the chaos of daily life, this is a fantastic option. Book that retreat here.

2. Yoga and Meditation Retreat near Alicante

If you want the ease of flying into Alicante and then getting to the nearby town of Aigües, this is a great option for a retreat in Spain. A short drive from the coast, you’ll be surrounded by pine trees and fresh air at the AUM Retreat Center.

The retreat includes daily yoga, mountain walks with breathwork instruction, ecstatic mantra dances, and daily meditation practice. It also includes three meals per day and six nights of accommodation.

For your own room, the price of the retreat starts at €440 (£399 GBP / $492 USD). See all of the room options here.

The nice thing about this retreat is that you can start it any time you want. The dates are flexible and you can begin the retreat when it suits you. Book this Alicante retreat here.

group of women doing yoga on the beach.

Start your mornings with beach yoga and a swim in the sea before focusing on further meditation.

3. Silent Meditation Retreat near Almería

This is a seven-day silent meditation retreat in the town of Níjar, which is located in the Cabo de Gata Níjar Natural Park (home to some of the best beaches in Spain!). You can get here by car or by public transportation if you don’t want to rent a car from Malaga.

In addition to being offered in English, the program organizers also speak Dutch, German, and Spanish. The program is offered four times per year and is kept to small groups so that you can really connect with your mind and body and get away from distractions.

During the seven days you will spend five of them in complete silence. There are five daily meditation sessions during the retreat. The price includes six nights of accommodation and three meals per day.

There is also a meditation expert on hand throughout the entire retreat to introduce you to what you will be doing and guide you in spirituality over the course of the week.

The price for this seven-day silent meditation retreat in Spain is €750 (£679 GBP / $837 USD). You can check the availability and book your retreat here.

woman doing a sound bath at a meditation retreat in Spain.

Sound baths or sound-focused meditations are an interesting thing to try during a meditation retreat in Spain.

4. Silent Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Ibiza

Sun, sand, and silence. This retreat is located on the beautiful island of Ibiza and will last for seven days.

Located at the Lotus Pad Ibiza, this retreat includes six nights of accommodation, breakfast every morning, and dinner most nights. It also includes 15 long meditations, three moon yoga classes, three 90-minute energizing yoga classes, and three full days and nights of silent meditation.

The Lotus Pad Ibiza is a traditional finca or farm in Spain surrounded by natural beauty; the perfect place to unplug and relax.

The price of this seven-day meditation retreat in Spain starts at €570 (£516 GBP / $636 USD). For this price, you will get all of the things listed above and accommodation in a shared double room. You can see all of the different room options here.

The meditation retreat only runs in the summer months, so be sure to check when the next retreat will take place and sign up for their newsletter to be notified when the next retreat will take place. Book yourself onto the retreat here.

beaches in Spain with blue skies and golden sand.

The beaches in Spain are some of the best in Europe and there are plenty of great meditation retreats in Spain that take place close to the beach!

5. Tai Chi, Qigong, and Taoist Yoga Holiday in Fuerteventura

If you want to head to the Canary Islands for a retreat in Spain unlike any other, this 8-day program in Fuerteventura is the one for you.

Available all year long, you can sign up for this retreat at any time that you are available. It is an ongoing retreat center that offers the same daily activities and accommodation options year-round.

This is one of the more expensive retreat options on the list, but for eight nights in the Canary Islands, you are getting a lot of bang for your buck.

The cheapest room option, which is a private single room inside a shared villa costs €910 (£824 GBP / $1,016 USD). Check all of the room options here.

In addition to seven nights of accommodation, this price also includes two acupuncture treatments, lessons in Tai Chi, Qigong, and Taoist yoga, as well as two healthy meals per day.

The price also includes a trip out on a catamaran to enjoy the coastline and go looking for dolphins as well as two beach trips. Check the prices and book your slot at this retreat here.

woman sitting on a bench watching the sunset over the mountains.

Be sure to take some time to yourself during these retreats to practice the meditation methods and think about how you can bring these into your daily life back home.

6. Mindfulness Rural Retreat in Catalonia

Located in the rural El-Figueral in the autonomous region of Catalonia, this is a wonderful place to head for a weekend before or after a trip to Barcelona where you can completely disconnect.

The retreat is only for three days, but you will be able to completely unwind in that short time and come back to reality feeling refreshed and renewed.

The retreat is offered every weekend for most of the year. It always begins on a Friday and ends on a Sunday, so whether you are living in Spain and want to get away for a weekend meditation retreat in Spain or you are looking to add something like this to a longer trip to Spain, it’s a great option for a short meditation retreat.

The main benefit of this retreat is that it is run by a certified psychology and mindfulness instructor. You will take part in mindfulness walks and meditation sessions.

You will also have free time to enjoy the 11-hectare farm, swim in the pool located on the property, cook up a barbecue on the outdoor terrace, or grab one of the bicycles and head out for a ride.

The retreat includes walking, cycling, kayaking, and wine-tasting sessions alongside meditation sessions. The price also includes dinner on Friday, all meals on Saturday, and two meals on Sunday before the retreat finishes on Sunday afternoon.

This is best booked with a group of friends as the retreat requires three people to participate in order to operate. The cost starts at €630 per person (£625 GBP / $770 USD). Book your weekend away here.

hills of ronda near Malaga.

Hiking around Spain can be a meditation in its own right. Especially in the hills of towns like Ronda, pictured here.

7. Mindful and Wellbeing Retreat with Yoga and Tai Chi in Alicante

Alicante is an absolutely wonderful base for exploring the Costa Blanca and it is a fantastic beach town in Spain in winter to escape the cold of northern Europe and enjoy a meditation retreat in Spain.

This is a unique meditation retreat in that it combines the practices of both yoga and Tai Chi to help you gain a better understanding of the different methods of going within using mind and body.

The retreat includes daily yoga and Tai Chi classes as well as chakra balancing classes, meditation and discussion groups, and a visit to a local village.

The price includes four nights of accommodation as well as all of the meals that you need during your time at the retreat center.

The retreats are offered several times a year and time slots open up about 3-4 months in advance (sometimes up to six months in advance). It’s best to keep checking their website here to find dates that suit you best.

The cost of this meditation retreat in Spain is €625 (£566 GBP / $698 USD). This price is for a shared triple room in a shared house. There are several different room options and discount options if you are booking as two or more people. Check the full price list here.

views of malaga from the viewing platform.

Taking in the views of Malaga from the hilltop – Spain has so many wonderful hikes and other natural beauty to enjoy on a trip whether meditating or not.

8. 100-Hour Meditation Teacher Training

If you are looking for something even more immersive than a short weeklong meditation retreat in Spain, then this could be a great option for you. Located a short distance from Malaga airport, you can easily get here from most areas of Europe. It also happens to be one of my favorite Spanish cities.

Of course, you can complete this course and move forward as a meditation teacher, but you can also use retreats like this as a way to deepen your own meditation practice.

Whether you are looking to add a string to your bow as a yoga teacher or you want to really immerse yourself in the knowledge of the different meditation methods and breathwork classes.

This meditation course includes two months of online prep to work on before the in-person course begins. You will then have eight days of meditation practice in person in the town of Júzcar, near Málaga.

The price includes seven nights of accommodation, daily organic meals, morning yoga sessions, and meditation workshops throughout the day.

In addition to speaking English, the organizers can also speak German, Dutch, and French, but the instruction and coursework will be in English.

The course is offered twice a month and usually starts on a Friday. You can check all of the available dates here.

The price of the meditation teacher training starts at €1,550 (£1,4o4 GBP / $1,731 USD). This includes a bed in a shared double room. You can book a private room for a slightly higher price. Check all prices and book your retreat here.