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9 Best Bilbao Food Tours 2024

9 Best Bilbao Food Tours 2024

If you are looking for a list of the best Bilbao food tours, look no further.

This is a collection of the best tour companies around Bilbao who are offering affordable, small group, or private food tours for you and your loved ones while you are visiting.

Taking a food tour to explore the pintxos culture of this city is one of the best things to do in Bilbao

Food tours in Bilbao will allow you to immerse yourself in the unique Basque food culture. If you only have a few days in Bilbao, a food tour means that you can explore a lot of top restaurants and bars in a short period of time.

Even if you are in the area for longer and planning to explore more of the Basque country like San Sebastian or the stunning beach town of Zarautz, Bilbao is a great place to start your Basque culinary exploration.

Best Food Tours in Bilbao

Check out one or more of these fun food tours in Bilbao. Some of them are private and personalized while others are group tours that include predetermined stops. All include knowledgeable multi-lingual guides who might even teach you some Basque language along the way. Eskerrik asko!

Some of the tours are solely food tours that only stop at bars and restaurants. Other Bilbao food tours on this list include stops at historical sites or interesting landmarks around Bilbao. Turning the whole tour into a walking tour with food stops. 

There is a little something for everyone when it comes to great food tours in Bilbao. 

1. Basque Food Tour with Guide

This Basque food experience in Bilbao is a 3-hour adventure around several different neighborhoods in Bilbao. You will stop at several pintxos restaurants and bars around Bilbao.

You will indulge in no fewer than 9 different plates of food and sample around 5 different drinks along the way. The tour also includes a deep dive into the culinary and cultural history of the Basque Country.

If you are a foodie and history lover, this tour is the perfect option for you. Learn from a knowledgeable guide about both food and history and meet plenty of international food-loving travelers along the way. 

The Basque Food Tour with Guide costs €80 per person. Book onto the experience here.

three different small tapas on a plate with a man holding a glass of vermouth in it.

Sample different pintxos on your Bilbao food tour.

2. Pintxos and Wine Tasting Tour

This tour includes a visit to La Ribera Market as well as to four other local pintxos bars around Bilbao. You will sample at least one gourmet pintxo and one glass of wine at every stop.

This tour is about tasting your way around Bilbao as well as learning about the wine that is being made in this region of Spain. You will visit a spot where txikiteros gather. Txikiteros are locals who sing songs while they drink and you’ll no doubt get to learn a few lines to take part.

The tour takes you through the Old Town of Bilbao as well as the Ensanche neighborhood so that you can see two very different sides to the city. This Bilbao food tour costs €75 per person. Book onto the pintxos and wine tasting experience here.

3. Private Food Tour for Food Lovers

This private Food Lovers Bilbao food tour runs for 3 hours and is designed specifically for gourmet food lovers. The tour includes four different tastings of pintxos along with four different drinks of your choice.

You will visit bars that that locals frequent and learn about the most popular pintxos in Bilbao. Your knowledgeable guide will share information about the wine in the Bilbao region, including about the regional love for txakoli

Since this is a private tour, you can make requests to spend more time in only one or two spots or expand the tour to include more destinations but with fewer snacks at each stop. 

You can tell the guide what sort of foods your prefer or what you are most interested in sampling before the tour so that they can personalize it to suit your style. 

The price varies depending on how many people take the group tour. It starts at €130 per person and decreases slightly if more than one person is one the experience. Book onto a private food lovers experience here.

tortilla slice on a white plate with a slice of baguette next to it and two drinks in front of the plate and the entrance to the bar in the distance. The table is outside in front of the bar in a patio area.

There are so many great pintxos bars in Bilbao. Be sure to ask your guide for a few more spots to try after the tour is over!

4. Walking Tour of Bilbao with Pintxos and Drinks

Want to take a walking tour of Bilbao that includes stops at different tapas bars? This is the perfect combination of historical walking tour and top-notch pintxos tour in Bilbao.

It’s a 2-hour tour will explore the historic center of the Old Town in Bilbao. You’ll learn about the history of the church of San Nicolás de Bari as well as the seven original streets of the old town that are now packed with great restaurants, bars, and hotels.

After exploring several historical sites around the Old Town, the tour finishes at Plaza Nueva, the center of the pintxos universe in Bilbao. There are over 20 different pintxos bars in this plaza and you’ll head to one of the best to sample some Basque classics.

This tour is a reasonable €25 per person. It doesn’t include quite as many pintxos as the other tours, but your guide will be able to give you great tips for other bars to explore during your time in Bilbao. Book onto this walking tour and pintxos experience here.

5. Foodie Walking Tour with Tastings

This small group tour of Bilbao’s best pintxos bars is a fun way to explore the city, learn more about it’s history, and taste some exceptionally delicious food.

The tour guides at Northern Spain Gastronomy Tours are passionate about sharing their food and culture with visitors to Bilbao. Your guide will be knowledgeable about not only the best bars and restaurants, but the most traditional (and delicious) local dishes to try throughout the tour.

The tour includes 6-8 dishes to try as well as 4 different drinks at the different bars. The tour costs €100 per person. Book onto the Foodie walking experience here.

one piece of bread with thinly sliced fish on top and a fork and knife on either side of the food at one of the best bilbao food tours.

Be sure to try some local seafood pintxos like pil pil.

6. Bike with Pintxos & Drinks in Getxo

Getxo is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Bilbao. A quick metro ride from the downtown will bring you to the coastal area of Bilbao where there’s a famous bridge, several beautiful beaches, and plenty of great pintxos bars to explore.

If you want to escape the tourist crowds of Plaza Nueva, this Bilbao food tour is a fantastic option. You’ll head to neighborhoods where Bilbao-locals spend their evenings and weekends dining with family and friends.

The tour is two and a half hours and includes stops at several of the unique sites to explore in Getxo, like Vizcaya Bridge. You’ll ride along the coastline and visit a few different pintxos bars with a knowledgeable guide who will explain the culture and history of these small bites.

The bike and pintxos tour in Getxo costs €50 per person. Book onto the Getxo bike experience here.

7. The Original Bilbao Food Tour with Wine Tasting

The Best of Basque tour company run pintxos and wine tours as well as private tours around the Rioja region if you want to get to know more about wine as well.

But this Bilbao food tour is all about the pintxos. Of all of the Bilbao food tours on this list, this is the one for the serious foodies. You will visit some of the best pintxos bars in the city. The guides are incredibly knowledgeable having grown up right in Bilbao and are passionate about sharing their love of this city’s cuisine with you.

You’ll sample the absolute best dishes at 5 different bars. Your guide will also help you choose a drink at each bar that pairs well with the dish and also allows you to sample plenty of local beverages.

Learn about the way Basque cuisine is changing and modernizing and sample some modern Basque pintxos as well as plenty of more traditional dishes. 

This food tour costs €100 per person. Book onto the original food and wine tasting here.

inside of a bar with pintxos on the counter and wine glasses hanging above it.

Often you will see pintxos lined up ready to serve with a glass of wine or beer.

8. Classic & Modern Walking Tour with Pintxos

Combine a historical and architectural walking tour around Bilbao with sampling a few great pintxos along the way. 

This tour is 3-hours and includes exploration of Bilbao’s history spanning over 500 years. You’ll go back to Medieval times, explore Gothic churches, learn about the importance of the port, and finish with a taste of modern Bilbao.

You’ll explore the architecture of the city and how it has changed over the centuries. From grand churches to modern museums, Bilbao is a city that is packed with history. This tour will help you get below the surface.

The tour costs €85 per person and includes one drink and tapas at the end of the walking tour. Book the Classic & Modern walking experience here.

9. Basque Pintxos and Tapas Cooking Class

Want to have a food experience in Bilbao that you can take home with you? This cooking class will teach you how to make some of the most emblematic pintxos of the Basque Country so that you can recreate them back home and wow your friends and family.

You will learn to cook both the most traditional pintxos as well as a few more modern options, too. In total, you will cook four different pintxos during the class. 

In addition to the pintxos, the class also includes an open bar and charcuterie board to nibble one while you are cooking. You will not only learn how to make them, but you’ll also learn about the history of these dishes and their importance to the local Basque people.

The cooking class costs €105 per person. Book onto the pintxos and tapas cooking class here.