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10 Best Tapas Bars in Seville

10 Best Tapas Bars in Seville

In search of the best tapas bars in Seville? In this article we share with you our absolute favorite spots to indulge in local delights in one of our absolute favorite Spanish cities (shh, don’t tell Malaga we said that!).

You may have indulged in tapas in Valencia or perhaps you’ve sampled pintxos in Bilbao. Tapas bars in Madrid are also pretty special.

But the food that you will find at the tapas bars in Seville is unlike what you’ll find elsewhere in the country. The local dishes in this region of Andalucia are packed with sabores that will be bringing you back to this city again and again.

Eating at tapas bars is one of our favorite things to do in Seville in between exploring all of the history and splendor. 

First let’s talk about what you should order.

Tapas in Seville to Try

menu on a chalk board hanging on a wall next to a large old wine storage vat which also has some of the tapas menu written on it.

There are so many tapas bars in Seville. Some of them have their menus written on chalk boards in Spanish, so study up on what the most common dishes are so you always know what to order!

  • Rabas del toro: Rabas del toro is a dish made of oxtail. It is slow braised in a rich stew and usually served with carrots and potatoes or simply with the gravy over a few fries.
  • Carillada/carillera: You will see both names on menus around Seville, but they are the same dish. It is a cheek, usually pork, but it can be made with beef. If it is with pork, the menu will say cerdo and if it is beef, the menu will say ternera. The cheek is slow cooked in a rich gravy and like the oxtail, it is served with fries.
  • Salmorejo: Salmorejo is a traditional soup that can be found around Andalucia. It is like a gaspacho in that it is a cold soup made with a base of tomatoes. But salmorejo is made with bread to thicken it and with tons of garlic. 
  • Espinacas con garbanzo: Spinach with garbanzo beans or chickpeas, this dish is quite simple, but utterly delicious. It is so creamy you might be convinced that there is dairy in the dish, but it is made with bread, ground almonds, garlic, and olive oil which give it that rich texture.
  • Solomillo al whisky: Solomillo is the Spanish word for tenderloin and this is usually a pork tenderloin. It is sliced quite thin and cooked on a plancha or grill to give it a nice char on the outside while still leaving it nice and juicy on the inside. It is served with a creamy whisky sauce. You may also see it on the menu without sauce or with other sauce options.
  • Pringa: Pringa is a popular mini-sandwich that you’ll find on menus at most Seville tapas bars. This dish comes from humble beginnings and was made from the scraps of different leftover dishes. It’s now a beloved sandwich filled with pieces of stewed beef or pork, morcilla (Spanish blood sausage), and chorizo.

Best Tapas Bars in Seville

These tapas bars are spread across a few different Seville neighborhoods including the historic center, Triana, Santa Cruz, and El Arenal.

If you are concerned about restaurant etiquette in Spain, be sure to check out our article about tipping in Spain or our guide to visiting Spain for the first time.

1. Las Golondrinas

There are two locations in the Triana neighborhood. One got so popular that the family who owns it needed to open a second space to fit all of the food lovers.

If you only visit one tapas bar in Seville’s Triana neighborhood, it should be one of the Las Golondrinas locations. Both serve up the same exact menu, so it’s more about choosing which one is closer for you or during quieter nights, which one has the best atmosphere.

But it’s rarely quiet here. If you are visiting during peak summer months, be sure to book a table at least a night or two in advance. Tourists and locals from around Spain come here for some of the best tapas in Seville. 

This bar is one of the best places to try solomillo. They cook it to absolute perfection here. The garlic mushroom is also a top choice if you love the combination of mushrooms smothered in garlic aioli.

garbanzos with spinach is one of the most common tapas in seville with a slice of fried bread on top.

You can’t go wrong with any of the traditional Seville tapas dishes around town like the spinach and garbanzos.

2. Taberna El Papelon

This is a common name for tabernas around Seville, so don’t be confused. This is the located along the main pedestrian street in Triana and is the only one I recommend with this name.

One of the reasons this is such a great Seville tapas spot is because there is so much outdoor seating and you get to sit along one of the busiest pedestrian thoroughfares in the city. Which makes it great for eating, drinking, and people watching,

El Papelon has a pretty extensive menu, but I recommend coming here for the charcuterie. They have affordable and delicious plates of jamon and different locally made cheeses. They can put together a board that includes a few different meats and cheeses for the table to share or you can get full orders of Iberico ham and a single type of local cheese.

It’s all served with crispy breadsticks and if you would like, some nice thick slices of bread with olive oil.

3. Mercado Lonja del Barranco

This market hall is a must-visit not only for the delicious tapas you can have here, but for the history of the building.

Mercado Lonja del Barranco was once Seville’s fish market. Now this historical building is one of the fanciest places to sit with a cold beer and a slice of Spanish tortilla.

There is a full bar outside and inside you can get glasses of wine or cold draft beer. Then wander through the market to the different stalls where you will find freshly shucked oysters, Iberico and Serrano ham, grilled shrimp, and a dessert counter for a sweet finish.

When it’s particularly hot (which is most of the months in Seville), you can sit outside and cold water mists out over the tables. Alternatively, it is air conditioned inside the building.

oxtal stew with gravy on top of a few french fries in a large while dish at one of the best tapas bars in seville.

The oxtail stew or rabas del toro is a must-try when you are exploring the tapas bars in Seville.

4. Bar Baratillo

This spot is not for the faint hearted. Right around the corner from the city’s bull ring is this bull fighter-centric bar with bull heads lining the walls and other fighting memorabilia all over the place. 

History and food lovers will find this to be a fascinating place to see photos and newspaper articles about the historic fights and the famous bull fighters. And the food is some of the best in the city.

With traditional dishes lining the menu you can have them as tapas style dishes, which is to say, small portions. Or you can have raciones, which are full-sized plates of food. 

The wine selection here is top notch, so be sure to choose something as local as you can and pair it with their suculent octopus, salty corquettes, and refreshing salmorejo.

5. La Antigua Bodeguita

The bustling Plaza del Salvador is home to several tapas bars in a row. I sampled all of them on my most recent trip to Seville and this is the one that I returned to for a second evening.

If you are just looking for a place for cold beers and a few picky snacks like olives and chips, then you can choose any of the bars. The price of drinks is pretty much the same across all of the places here. Just grab an open seat and the waiter will eventually come over with a menu and to take your order.

However, if you want to sample some of the best tapas in Seville, then it’s worth speaking to the waiter and waiting for a table to open up at La Antigua Bodeguita in particular.

This is one of the best places to try the pringa sandwich alongside a whole list of monteditos or little sandwiches, that they have on the menu here. The iberico pork in whisky sauce is also a delicious menu option to have here.

overhead photo of two plates of meat on the table with a glass of beer next to it and fork and knife laying next to the plate on the right.

The solomillo is absolutely delicious whether you order it plain or with whisky sauce.

6. Casa La Viuda

Wind your way through the back alleyways of Seville to find this next Seville tapas bar. Casa La Viuda is another bar that is a gem hidden amidst a huge selection of other tapas restaurants.

This is the place to come for perfectly cooked shrimp and clams. They also have one of the best solomillo al whisky dishes that I have had anywhere in Seville. And for true decadence, they make their carrillada with Iberico pork.

This place is good and most people know about it, so if you don’t want to miss dining here during your trip to Seville, be sure to make a booking in advance.

7. Bar Casa Morelos

You wouldn’t expect one of the best tapas bars in Seville to be just a block away from one of the city’s most popular sights. But I promise that the tapas at Bar Casa Morelos, a mere 5 minute walk from the Seville Cathedral, will wow you with its ambiance, decor, food, and drink selection.

Surrounded by wine barrels, the small tables are packed into both sides of the bar as well as along the small pedestrian alleyway by both entrances. There is no system to getting a table here. If you see one, grab it. If you can’t get a waiters attention, you can order at the bar and then point to where you’re sitting.

I love this place so much, I return to it every time I’m back in Seville and it never disappoints. The cañas are cold and cheap and the food is exceptional. The dishes that I always order are the octopus, the cola de toro (which is just another way to say rabas del toro), and the pringa.

terracotta bowl of meat and potatoes on a matching plate with a full glass of beer behind it.

The food at Casa Morelos is some of the best in town and should not be missed.

8. La Bodega de la Alfalfa

Not to be confused with the nearby Bar Alfafa (which I personally find to be overhyped and underwhelming), La Bodega de la Alfafa is a truly wonderful foodie experience.

You can opt to sit at the bar or at a table inside. The turnover is pretty quick, so even if you have to wait for a table, you likely won’t have to wait for more than 10-15 minutes. We usually waited about 5 minutes for a table, even on busy summer weekends.

The menu here has absolutely every traditional Seville tapas dish as well as plenty of other popular Spanish tapas dishes like patatas bravas and octopus in the Galician style.

If you like salted cod, the bacalao “al viuda” is a delicious dish. You truly cannot go wrong with anything on the menu whether its the vegetarian artichokes, the meat-focused solomillo, or the perfectly cooked shrimp. 

9. Bar El Rincon

This small corner bar has a few small tables inside with most of the seating pouring out onto the patio in front. It doesn’t look like much with a few plastic tables and chairs, but this place is serving up excellent and affordable local Seville tapas dishes.

If you are on a budget or you want to go where the locals go, this spot is usually packed to the brim with the post-work crowd in the evenings. You can’t make a booking, so you just have to linger by the entrance to wait for a table to become available. 

The solomillo al whisky and carrillada are excellent here as are the spinach and chick peas. The beers are small and cheap and the house wine won’t break the bank either. 

a small toasted sandwich served on top of a paper towel.

The pringa is small but mighty. If you like pork, this is one not to miss!

10. La Barra De Cañabota

If you want to sample some of the absolute best food in this region of Spain, but you don’t want to pay the high costs (or didn’t book in time) at the Michelin Star El Restaurante Cañabota, then head to their more informal tapas bar next door.

You will still want to make a booking during the summer months, but if forget, just head here early enough and plan to wait for a table for a bit.

Like the main restaurant, the tapas bar is mainly focused on seafood, so if you don’t love seafood you probably won’t love this. But the quality of both the seafood and the cooking is the best you’ll find anywhere in Andalucia.

Most tapas on the menu are under €15, which is of course, more expensive than your average Seville tapas bar. But for the quality and reputation of a restaurant of this standard, you will not be sorry.