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14 Best Restaurants in Zaragoza

14 Best Restaurants in Zaragoza

When I first visited the city back in 2023, I was not expecting to find tons of amazing restaurants in Zaragoza.

But that’s exactly what I found. 

The food scene here is vastly underrated and I’m here to tell you that this small city in Aragon is one of the best foodie cities in Spain.

From the famous tapas around El Tubo to the local restaurants tucked down side streets, there is an abundance of great places to eat in Zaragoza.

You’ll come for all of the amazing things to do in Zaragoza like the Basilica, the Roman ruins, and the Aljafería. But you will return to Zaragoza on your next trip to Spain because of the food.

An easy stop on any trip to Madrid or Barcelona, Zaragoza is a short train ride away from either city. 

Take a Food Tour of Zaragoza

Food tours are always a great way to enjoy a lot of different restaurants and sample several different local dishes all in a short period of time. If you are only visiting Zaragoza for a few days, this is a fantastic option for indulging in the best of the city in a few hours.

  • Evening Tapas Walking Tour: Go bar and tapas hopping with this 3-hour walking tour. You’ll wander past some of the city’s most famous monuments and learn about their history from a knowledgeable local guide. Then you’ll explore the central market and some of the tapas bars around El Tubo. You’ll sample four different tapas and four drinks along the way. Book that food tour here.
  • Wine Tasting and Tapas: Like many areas in Spain, Aragon has its own local wines. If you enjoy wine tasting while you travel, this is the perfect way to mix tapas and wine sampling. You will try four different local wines from four regions of Aragon. You will learn about the history of wine in this region of Spain and sample a few different tapas throughout the tour. Book that tour here.

Best Restaurants in Zaragoza, Spain

1. Bar el Circo

This local spot is perfect for any meal of the day. Head here for a traditional Spanish breakfast of pan con tomate or a huge slab of tortilla.

For lunch and dinner, there is a large selection of tapas and raciones or larger dishes. You can grab a seat at the bar or one of the small tables that are scattered around the bar. 

It can get busy in the evenings, but never so busy that you can’t find a spot to prop near the bar for a cold beer and a few tapitas.

In addition to being one of the best places in Zaragoza to have tortilla, they also have sandwiches with meatballs, Iberico ham, or pork loin. You’ll also spot torreznos on the counter here. A local type of fried bacon that is as delicious as it sounds.

You may not find much English at this spot (if any), so if you don’t speak Spanish, be sure to have Google Translate ready so you know what you’re ordering.

wooden tray with sliced chorizo on one side and sliced bread on the other.

Enjoy chopping boards packed with meat or cheese at most tapas bars around Zaragoza. Many have a nice selection of local meats and cheeses.

2. Restaurante Casa Pedro

This is one of the most upscale restaurants in Zaragoza. In an otherwise casual town, this restaurant stands out for its high quality and unique tasting menu.

Listed in the Michelin guide, this is the place to come for something out of the ordinary. At Casa Pedro, they use local ingredients and traditional dishes and elevate them to something both beautiful and delicious.

There is a tasting menu with six different courses that costs around €60 (the prices vary with the seasonal menu changes). You can also simply order a few different dishes a la carte. 

The menu is heavily seafood focused with dishes that include octopus, trout, langostines, and tuna. However, there are also plenty of meat options including their heavenly pork sirloin.

They are open most days of the week for lunch and from Wednesday to Saturday for dinner. Making a reservation is a must

3. La Papa Arrugá San Lorenzo

Another fantastic local restaurant in Zaragoza, La Papa Arrugá feels like a family affair. The staff are very friendly and the food is home-cooking style.

You can have full-sized dishes like grilled squid, grilled meat with potatoes, and huevos rotos which is fried potatoes topped with a meat of your choice and fried eggs (the best hangover cure in Spain!).

They also have platters of local cheese and cured meats, salads, sausages, seasonal grilled vegetables like artichokes, and plenty of tapas. The croquetas are particularly good here.

Not far from the Roman Theater Museum, this is a great lunch option after a morning of exploring.

dimly lit bar table with two glasses of beer and two plates with one piece of bread and food on top on each one.

There are tons of restaurants around El Tubo, but not all are great places to eat. This spot was left off the list due to its lackluster tapas and poor service.

4. Restaurante Méli Mélo

Méli Mélo is a fantastic restaurant to head for dinner. Like many restaurants in Spain, it doesn’t open for dinner until 8pm, but it’s worth the wait if you don’t usually eat this late.

The menu here takes traditional Spanish tapas and infuses a little bit of creativity and other culinary influences into it.

There are things like tomato carpaccios, ceviche made with local fish and langostines, and huevos rotos with grilled liver. They also have more traditional options like calamari, beef sirloin, and Iberico ham.

If you don’t want a full sit-down meal, they have a bar area with a ton of pintxos or Basque-style tapas along the bar top to choose from.

The restaurant has English menus so that you know exactly what you’re getting and there is usually at least one staff member who speaks a little bit of English to help. 

5. El Trujalico

Seafood occupies a large part of the menu at this spectacular tapas restaurant in Zaragoza. Langostine, oysters, baby squid, fish, and grilled shrimp are all on the menu.

You’ll also find small portions of octopus, sardines, and anchovies. 

But it’s not all seafood. You can also enjoy papas bravas (fried potatoes with a paprika sauce), fried vegetables, chicken dishes, and plenty of grilled and cured pork options.

They also have a daily specials menu during the week that offers a local dish like pork sirloin in cider sauce or seafood paella with a tapa, drink, and dessert for a set price (usually between €9-12). 

This is a fantastic option if you want a hearty meal of local food, but don’t want to break the bank.

wooden chopping board with potatoes, barbecued pork, and sauce on the side on top of a wooden table at a restaurant.

Whenever you see Iberico Secreto on the menu, you should probably order it. It’s one of the most delicious meals to have around Spain (especially at El Truco).

6. Casa Domino 

One of the best tapas restaurants in Zaragoza, Casa Domino feels like an old school Spanish tapas spot. You can grab a seat outside in the plaza or head inside if it’s too hot (Zaragoza can get VERY warm during the summer months).

This is a great spot to come for Iberico ham. They serve it sliced and on a nice thick piece of bread. They also have a traditional dish known as migas, which is fried breadcrumbs topped with different meats or eggs.

Another delicious option on the menu is the cecina, which is cured beef. It’s topped with local olive oil and served with a few slices of bread. 

7. Los Victorinos

Los Victorinos is one of the most traditional tapas restaurants on this list. It is almost entirely standing-room only. You stand either directly at the bar or along the edges of the restaurant where a bar top runs the entire perimeter.

There are a few bar stools when it’s not busy, but in the evenings after work and on the weekends, it’s almost always busy.

That’s because the food here is great, the beer and wine list is decent, and the prices are unbeatable.

This is a great spot for non-Spanish speakers, because most of the tapas are lined up on the bar. So you can see what looks good to you and then point to the ones you would like.

The small montaditos or open sandwiches as well as the croquetas are only €3.20. If you would like some of the cooked tapas dishes, things like meatballs, octopus, and migas are all €6.20.

three croquetas on a plate, one of them has mayonnaise on top.

The croquetas at Doña Casta should not be missed!

8. Taberna Doña Casta

Doña Casta are serving up, and I mean this whole-heartedly, the best croquetas I have had anywhere in Spain.

If you haven’t had croquetas in Spain, they are the same as French croquettes, just with a Spanish twist. The filling is usually bechamel based, but sometimes it is with creamy potatoes. It is then breaded and fried.

In Spain, they mix the bechamel or potatoes with different fillings and at Doña Casta, they are cooked to perfection. They are uncooked when you choose them at the bar or from the extensive menu on the wall.

They are then cooked fresh to order so that they are piping hot and crispy when you bite into them (cut them open, that sauce can really burn!).

A few that are particularly good here are the salted cod (bacalao), mushroom and goat cheese (setas y queso de cabra), and the blue cheese with apple (cabrales y manzana).

This is also a good spot to try huevos rotos if you haven’t have them yet. The potatoes here are perfectly cooked and loaded with meat and eggs. Try it with the Chistorra, a sausage similar to chorizo, for something delicious and local.

9. Bar El Champi

This bar is famous for one thing, it’s champiniones, or mushrooms. If you are planning to go on a tapas crawl around El Tubo, this is a great place to start. 

The champi here is a stack of mushrooms that are cooking on a grill and smothered in garlic, parsley, and olive oil and then placed atop a slice of bread that you can use to mop up all that goodness.

Wash it down with a cold caña of draft beer and you’ll have certainly wet your appetite for the night ahead!

mushrooms piled high covered in parsley and then all on a piece of bread, two of them are side by side on a white paper plate.

The mushroom stack at El Champi is simple but entirely finger-licking good.

10. Restaurante el Truco

This is a popular spot thanks to being one of the few places in the city where you can get gluten-free tapas. This means gluten-free croquetas amongst other commonly breaded or battered and fried tapas.

It’s still a fantastic place to come, whether you are gluten intolerant or not. One of the best dishes to try here is the Iberico Secreto. The secreto is a cut of the pork, in this instance, of the pata negra Iberico pork, that comes from the thick side of the neck.

It is insanely tender and they cook it perfectly here. It is served with potatoes and a paprika sauce similar to a patatas bravas sauce. 

11. Taberna 1941 A Pulpería

This taberna is serving up some seriously fantastic food and deserves to be called one of the best restaurants in Zaragoza.

The menu here has all of the Spanish classics including octopus, pimientos de padron, grilled shrimp, fried baby squid, croquetas, grilled fish, salted cod, and clams.

They also have sirloin steak, hot sliced ham (lacón), roasted chicken, and meatballs. The menu caters for all tastes and it does it so well. 

They are open daily from 10am to midnight (until 1:30am on Saturday and Sunday!), so you can come here for lunch or dinner. 

Taberna Carmelo from outside at night with people standing and sitting around the front entrance.

Taberna Carmelo’s is home to some of the best food in Zaragoza, especially the slow-cooked lamb.

12. Taberna Carmelo

Taberna Carmelo is another fantastic tapas restaurant in the El Tubo quarter of Zaragoza. 

They have a wide selection of different tapas, but the one that you need to have when you visit is the Caramelo del Carmelo (Carmelo’s caramel).

This is a small tapa made with wonderfully tender lamb slow cooked for hours and placed on top of a slice of bread with a hunk of potato in between to soak up all the juices.

The torreznos (the fried bacon I mentioned earlier!) is also exceptional here.

Grab a table outside and then head in and order at the bar. There is sometimes a waiter that will come out, but it’s quicker on a busy weekend to just order and pay directly at the bar.

13. Taberna El Sardi

One of the best local restaurants in Zaragoza, Taberna El Sardi feels like a family-run spot that you might turn into your local if you lived here. The people that run it couldn’t be nicer and the food is fantastic, too.

They do things slightly differently than a classic taberna, but in the best possible way. You can have cecina topped with aged cheese. They have octopus done in their own style that is tender and flavorful. They also have a stew made of chicken and langostines that tastes exceptional.

There are seafood dishes, meat-centric dishes, and some vegetarian options. Some of the dishes are available as half portions and full portions (media racion or racion) while others are only available as full-sized portions. Prices range from €7-24 depending on what you are planning to order.

This is on the slightly pricier side since it’s mostly about main meals here rather than tapas, but it is well worth it for the quality of the food, the flavor packed into every plate, and the kindness and service you’ll get when you eat here.

thick slices of chorizo next to bread with tomato puree across it.

A simple tapa with chorizo and bread with tomato to enjoy it with. I washed it all down with a vermút.

14. Casa Unai

Without a doubt, one of the best restaurants in Zaragoza. If you are visiting on a weekend, be sure to make a booking a few days in advance. 

The food here is exceptional, with a focus on seafood and delicious pork dishes. Sample things like grilled shrimp, octopus, exquisitely cooked scallops, clams, and Iberico pork grilled to utter perfection.

The menu here is also incredible affordable with most dishes coming in under €10. The seafood dishes and larger meat dishes are, of course, more but still a reasonable €20 or so for a large enough portion to share with the table.

They also have an excellent wine selection here and some of the best service that you’ll experience at a restaurant anywhere in Spain.