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6 Best Places to Stay in Seville: A Seville Neighborhood Guide

6 Best Places to Stay in Seville: A Seville Neighborhood Guide

When considering the best places to stay in Seville, you’ll want to decide what sort of vibe you want during your trip to this magical city.

The capital of Andalusia, Seville epitomizes all that is great in the southern region. There is a rich culture and history in Seville that you can spend weeks exploring and still not see it all.

The spirit of flamenco lives on, nay, thrives, while the tales of the past live through the spectacular architecture along the serpentine alleys and wide open plazas. This is all aided by a sense of youthful flair that ensures Seville’s nightlife remains bustling and fun.

It’s a joy to walk and wander Seville. But you’ll still want to find a place that suits your travel style and goals. Here, you’ll find areas perfect for couples, history buffs, or those wondering where to stay in Seville for the first time. Read on to explore the best areas for you.

Where to Stay in Seville

1. Santa Cruz: The Best Neighborhood for First Timers

For first-timers, Santa Cruz should mark your first port of call.

In the heart of Seville, this neighborhood is surrounded by city highlights and a wonderful breadth of accommodation options within walking distance. The level of accessibility means you can jump straight into all of the fun things to do in Seville.

The snaking, narrow streets of Barrio Santa Cruz offer the sort of charm many travelers are looking for. The gorgeous facades of the buildings and historic structures add as much color to the neighborhood as the abundance of orange trees and colorful flowers.

Whitewashed homes and sidewalk cafes allow you to immerse yourself in the spirit of local life, of tapas, wine, and good conversation.

The modern neighborhood has historical beginnings. The barrio was once the Jewish Quarter. 

As much as you’ll come to adore Santa Cruz for its cultural opulence, its main draw is the slew of attractions. These include the world’s largest Gothic cathedral and a palace with a blend of Moorish, Gothic, Baroque, and Renaissance influences.

This is the location where most of the best Seville tours start and end, so it’s great to use it as your base for exploring.

Needless to say, from its position in the city center, it’s relatively easy to explore the rest of Seville. The city’s bus network is particularly strong, with over 40 routes.

white-washed buildings that are four stories tall lined up to the sidewalk on a narrow street with cars driving down the road.

Seville has so many wonderful neighborhoods to explore, these are our favorite places to stay in Seville whether it’s your first or fifth time to this magical city.

Things to do in Santa Cruz

Where to eat in Santa Cruz

One of the most celebrated restaurants in Santa Cruz is Restaurante San Marco. You can balance your deep dive into Andalusian cuisine with its fabulous Italian-inspired menu. The restaurant boasts a stunning location, within one of just two Moorish baths from the 12th century.

Where to stay in Santa Cruz

  • La Banda Rooftop Hostel is a popular option for all backpackers traveling to Seville. Close to Santa Cruz highlights, the hostel has a large kitchen and shared area plus a rooftop with stellar views. Beds start at €35 per night in a six-bed dorm. Book a stay at La Banda here.
  • Hotel Rey Alfonso is a great mid-range pick in Santa Cruz. Your room will feature modern, stylish accommodations, an on-site restaurant, and a rooftop swimming pool. Rooms start at €117 per night. Book a stay at Rey Alfonso here.
  • In the heart of Santa Cruz, Suites Murillo Plaza is a fully equipped apartment with large rooms and a sprawling patio. The white-washed home also has a bike rental service. Suites start at €180 per night with a higher cost during peak summer season. Book a stay at Murillo Plaza here.
view over the rooftops of the centro neighborhood in Seville from the cathedral bell tower with a small plaza below.

The Santa Cruz neighborhood is packed with history and beauty worth exploring during your time in Seville.

2. Centro: The Best Area to Stay in Seville for Shopping & Sightseeing

Santa Cruz may place you in the city center, but Centro allows travelers to experience the best of both worlds. Within walking distance of Santa Cruz, one can be right in between several of the best places to stay in Seville.

The Centro is where you’ll find some of the best shopping in Seville. So if you’ve got some space in your luggage, it’s time to load up. A mere stroll down the famed Calle Sierpes will be enough to scratch the itch for many visitors.

This beloved shopping street has existed since the 1400s in some way shape or form. Today it is lined with both high-end boutique ware and shops selling traditional clothing, such as flamenco dresses.

Among the bustling Centro streets, are some of Seville’s best restaurants and tapas bars. In fact, if you’re in the mood for a dose of tapeo, the art of strolling from one tapas bar to another, Centro delivers the goods.

Not only will those who stay in Centro be close to the highlights of Barrio Santa Cruz, the foodie haven of El Arenal lies right around the corner.

Things to do in Centro

Where to eat in Centro

El Rinconcillo is the oldest bar in Seville and it’s well worth stopping here on your travels around Seville. Cooking up traditional Andalusian cuisine, you’ll jump into a portal 300 years into the past thanks to its historic decor.

Where to stay in Centro

  • Budget travelers who wish to avoid the hostel life should check into the Basic Hotel. It’s basic in the best way, with a splash of eloquence. The best part is its location. Starting at as little as €55 a night, this is a bargain for two people traveling on a budget together. Book a stay at Basic Hotel here.
  • Hotel Inglaterra straddles the line between luxury and price. The mid-range hotel boasts authentic Spanish-style rooms. There’s also a rooftop terrace with fantastic views. Rooms start at €130 per night. Book a stay at Hotel Inglaterra here.
  • One of the best luxury hotels in Seville, Centro’s own EME Catedral Hotel, has an opulent interior, complete with an outdoor swimming pool set on a rooftop with great views. Rooms start at €240 per night. Book a stay at EME Catedral Hotel here.
inside of a bar with three wine barrles lined up in a row across the top of a bar and bottles of liquor below them. Chalk boards on the barrels tell you what is inside each one in one of the best neighborhoods in Seville.

There are so many amazing bars and restaurants to stop into while you are in Seville. Don’t be afraid to stop into one for a drink and a tapa.

3. La Alameda: The Best Place to Stay in Seville for Nightlife

For the night owls reading along, it’s your time to shine. La Alameda is the best place to stay in Seville for nightlife.

The neighborhood surrounds the 16th-century Alameda de Hercules, the city’s original public garden. At the center of the garden are two historic columns and the plaza is bordered by rows of buildings.

It’s a classic Spanish square with orange colors, greenspace, and stonework. Not to mention the atmosphere along the many patios. Alameda de Hercules is thoroughly relaxing and picturesque, perfect for regathering your marbles after a big night on the town.

Later on, the many tapas bars come to life, restaurants are packed and the wine is flowing. Live music streams out of the more divey bars and a youthful vibe, enhanced by resident students, adds a brilliant crescendo to the mix.

The drawback? La Alameda is around a 25-minute walk away from the central neighborhoods. But what you may lose in historic highlights you gain in modern, cultural experiences as you spend the following day exploring vintage boutiques and bookshops.

Things to do in La Alameda:

Where to eat in La Alameda

To begin your tapas bar crawl, why not enjoy some of the best at Dúo Tapas. The small restaurant offers a rustic setting that adds to the atmosphere as your crew samples the lengthy wine menu and the Galician-style octopus.

Where to stay in La Alameda

  • GoToSeville Faustino Flats allows you to gather up your friends and save. Forget the hostels and enjoy the apartment’s full kitchen and great Wi-Fi at an affordable price. Apartments start at €100 per night. Book a stay at GoToSeville Faustino Flats here.
  • Patio de La Alameda is found within a mansion built in the 1800s. You can enjoy a slice of historic, awesome location and gorgeous amenities here. Double and twin rooms start as low as €85 per night. Book a stay at Patio de la Alameda.
  • OMM Suites is all about the decor and space. The dark-painted apartments are flooded with natural light and filled with stylish furnishings, edgy paintings, and upscale amenities. There are one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments available starting at €118 per night. Book a stay at OMM Suites here.
bright blue skies over a plaza in Seville with a large wooden structure known as setas or mushrooms because of the shape of the structure looking like a mushroom made of slatted wood.

The Setas are well worth visiting while you are wandering around the different neighborhoods in Seville!

4. El Arenal: Where to Stay in Seville for Foodies

On the border of Centro and Barrio Santa Cruz, El Arenal is the place to stay in Seville for foodies. Now that’s a big statement, purely because foodies will find utter joy in essentially all of Seville’s best neighborhoods.

But El Arenal encapsulates the flavors of Seville best with its collection of high-end eateries and down-to-earth bars.

Seville’s past has played out in its local cuisine. You’ll find the remnants of Moorish and Gitano influences that add a decadent kick to your chosen dish. Among our favorite local Seville foods to try are salmorejo, the iconic sandwich known as the serranito, and secreto Ibérico.

Not only will the food put a smile on your face, but it will refuel you for the exploring ahead. El Arenal has a fabulous location. It’s fairly central and as Seville’s former port, its spot on the water bordering the Guadalquivir River is easy on the eyes.

It was here, during the Age of Exploration, that El Arenal was an international shipping hub. Today, one of its major highlights is the Torre del Oro Naval Museum.

Speaking of museums, staying in one of the best Seville neighborhoods allows you to be within walking distance of the city’s fabulous and historic Museo district.

Things to do in El Arenal

Where to eat in El Arenal

In El Arenal, there is a wonderful Spanish-French fusion spot that is creating some of the most exquisite dishes in the city. It’s called Petit Comté and should not be missed on your food tour around Seville. 

Where to stay in El Arenal

  • At Adriano Boutique, you’ll enjoy amazing value for money. Sleep inside a traditional 18th-century Andalusian building with gorgeous decor at a budget-friendly rate if you book at the right time. Visiting during the summer months means you can snag a room here for as little as €65 per night. Book a stay at Adriano Boutique here.
  • Hotel Kivir is a contemporary 4-star hotel with stylish rooms and private balconies. Guests can enjoy a buffet breakfast and easy access to neighborhood gems. There is also a rooftop pool to cool off in. Rooms start at €130 per night. Book a stay at Hotel Kivir here.
  • El Arenal isn’t just great for foodies, but luxury travelers. This is also reflected in the local hotels, such as the Hotel Lobby Room. This hotel is celebrated for its interior design including iconic artwork. There is a stunning rooftop with lounge area and infinity pool and the breakfast here is exceptionally delicious. Rooms start at €230 per night. Book a stay at Hotel Lobby Room here.
bowl of meat and potatoes on top of a plate with a glass of beer behind it.

Seville cuisine doesn’t suite the summer temperatures, but come here in the winter months to enjoy the stews and orange wine to its fullest.

5. Macarena: The Best Seville Neighborhood for Budget Travelers

On the northern border of Centro, Macarena has plenty of influence from Old Town. However, Macarena has rebuilt, revamped, and renewed itself in a way that the Casco Antiguo has not. This Seville neighborhood is beautiful and has quickly become one of the more sought-after places to live in Seville.

For all its 21st-century qualities, it remains one of the more inexpensive places to stay in Seville. Budget travelers will see their euros stretched further, both in regard to accommodation, food, and local activities.

As you’re enjoying Macarena, one thing that will endear the neighborhood to you is its residential feel. Santa Cruz is, appropriately, the most popular area in Seville, leaving the charming small plazas and cute churches of Macarena to be devoid of large crowds.

The laid-back, community feel of the neighborhood permeates throughout the day. Yet, in the evening, this jovial spirit reaches a crescendo as young professionals toast to the day in local tapas bars. One of our favorites, Bar La Cantina, lies within Mercado de Feria, the oldest market in Seville.

Things to do in Macarena

Where to eat in Macarena

You can find Bar La Cantina in Mercada de Feria. It’s one of the most beloved market tapas bars in Seville, providing a vibrant place to gorge on fresh seafood tapas while enjoying the market atmosphere.

Along with the classics, you’ll have the chance to sample some rather odd tapas creations from fried sea anemones to tuna collar that’s been preserved with the fat of Iberian pork.

Where to stay in Macarena

tower d'oro in seville along the waterfront with a wide cobbled walkway along the side and palm trees to the right.

The walkway along the waterfront is a wonderful place to explore and see sights like the Torre del Oro.

6. Triana: Where to Stay in Seville for Local Vibes

Across the Guadalquivir River, Triana is detached from the main neighborhoods of Seville. Triana was where many of the pottery and colorful tiles you see all over Seville were once made. You can still visit some of the different factories that have been converted into restaurants and cafes.

Being so detached from central Seville has given this neighborhood a distinct personality and character that has only grown as the centuries have passed. This is what makes Triana one of the best places to stay in Seville.

Triana is best explored on foot. The passages through alleys and along major thoroughfares take you to the city’s best attractions while providing ample local flair. This joy is only enhanced in Triana.

A morning stroll along Calle Betis, a wide, riverfront street, may become your morning ritual. Grab a coffee at one of the sidewalk tables and wake up with the city as the sun creeps through the shady trees and bounces off the street’s colorful architecture.

Continue to the beautiful Triana Bridge. This connects you to Santa Cruz, a nice reminder of how close you are to city. Importantly, however, the bridge provides stunning views of the Old Town.

More exploration will provide authentic Triana experiences. These include the indoor bazaar and foodie hotspot of Mercado de Triana, housed where the ancient Castillo de San Jorge once stood. Not to mention the many shops selling ceramics, a skill that’s entwined in the local fabric.

Things to do in Triana

Where to eat in Triana

Tucked off of the main street in Triana you will find one of the city’s most famous tapas spots, Las Golondrinas. It’s so famous in fact, that the family had to open a second location a few blocks away.

The restaurant honors the past of Triana with stunning tiles and ceramic work adorning the walls. Beyond the decor and vibe, Las Golondrinas creates delicious shared plates with a hint of Triana’s flair.

Where to stay in Triana

  • For budget travelers looking to enjoy the local vibes, Triana Backpackers is a great choice. The historic building houses comfortable, modern amenities and spacious communal areas. You’ll find yourself surrounded by bars and close to Triana’s main attractions. Grab a bed for as little as €18 per night. Book a stay at Triana Backpackers here.
  • Monte Triana Hotel is a solid mid-range option that comes with an on-site bar and restaurant. The buffet breakfast will be a good kickstart for nearby adventures, including Calle Betis. Rooms start at €99 per night. Book a stay at Monte Triana Hotel here.
  • To enjoy a taste of the high life, Magno Apartments has a beautiful sun terrace and swimming pool for afternoon relaxation. You’ll also have full amenities, including a kitchen, private balcony, and stylish bedroom. Apartments start at €120 per night with a minimum of two nights stay required. Book a stay at Magno Apartments here.