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12 Best Food Tours in Madrid

12 Best Food Tours in Madrid

If you’re hungry in Madrid, you’re never far from your next tapas tavern. The best food tours in Madrid sidestep the tourist traps and see you dining alongside Madrileños.

Madrid is undoubtedly one of the best vacation destinations in Spain for food. The city has a mix of traditional and trendy tapas bars, cozy bodegas, olde worlde churreria, neighborhood markets, and upscale restaurants.

You can indulge in great traditional Spanish breakfast options in the morning and then take yourself on a tapas crawl in the afternoon.

Tapas and raciones (larger tapa) are the backbone of the dining experience. These let you taste cured hams, regional cheeses, creamy potato croquettes, olives drizzled in oil and garlic, sizzling seafood plates, and tender beef stews.

Most tours also include alcoholic beverages. This can be anything from wine and tinto de verano to vermouth, beer, or cider.

Taking a Madrid tapas tour is a fun way to learn about Madrilenian food culture and the city’s history. Tasting the best food in Madrid is an obvious bonus. Spoiler: that’s likely to be the iconic calamari sandwich favored as a snack or light lunch on the go.

Led by Madrileño guides, the best food tours in Madrid include tips and tricks on what to order as you continue your travels around Spain.

12 Best Food Tours in Madrid

Here are the 12 best tapas tours in Madrid for solo travelers, couples, and groups with options for vegans and private groups.

You can also consider Madrid food tours by bike, flamenco shows, and market tours.

1. Most Fun” Madrid Tapas Tour

The top-rated Most Fun Tapas and Drinks Tour is a three-hour experience running daily in the early evening.

Taking place in a lesser-visited barrio north of Chamberí and Chueca, this is the best Madrid food tour off the beaten path.

You’ll visit four foodie spots: a market restaurant, a classic neighborhood bar, a contemporary tapas tavern, and a century-old bodega. Across these, you’ll enjoy 10-12 tastings and one drink at each location.

The guides employed by this company are known for their wit and charisma, guaranteeing a jolly good time is had. Solo travelers, couples, and groups are welcome.

This Madrid food tour costs from €69 ($74/£58.50) per person. Book the Madrid Most Fun Tapas and Drinks Tour here.

four different plates on the table with different foods to try in tapas style on a Madrid food tour.

Madrid is packed with amazing restaurants and tapas bars. Taking a food tour means you get to sample a lot of great food in a short period of time!

2. Classic Madrid “Secret” Food Tour

Everyone’s familiar with Secret Food Tours, the superior provider of global food experiences. They run gourmet Madrid food tours focusing on cuisine and culture.

The Madrid Secret Food Tour lasts just over three hours and includes five stops.

Typical foodstuffs include a platter of Iberian ham, Iberian salami, loin and chorizo, deep-fried squid sandwiches, patatas bravas, and pastries.

Regional vermouth and Spanish cider is included in the base package but you can also upgrade to the premium drinks package. This includes a selection of liqueurs.

Tour sizes are capped at 10/12 participants and private tours are available for groups.

This Madrid food tour costs from €89 ($95/£75) per person. Book the Madrid Secret Food Tour here.

3. Madrid Flamenco Show with Tapas and Wine Tour

Talk about multi-tasking! This is one of the best food tours in Madrid for combining food and the art of flamenco.

The Madrid Flamenco Show with Tapas and Wine Tour starts with a walking tour around La Latina and Sol. You’ll visit Mercado de San Miguel and Plaza Mayor enjoying commentary from the guide.

There are food stops on Cava Baja where you’ll fill up on traditional small plates such as croquettes, Spanish tortilla, mushroom tapas, padrón peppers, and fried cod. Naturally, all food is washed down with wine, vermouth, or cider.

It concludes with a one-hour flamenco show where you’ll enjoy a complimentary drink upon arrival at the theater.

Seeing a flamenco show is one of the best things to do in Madrid, so this is a jewel of a tour.

This Madrid food tour costs from €90 ($96/£76) per person. Book the Madrid Flamenco Show with Tapas and Wine Tour here.

fried calamari in a baguette with a side dish of olives.

A calamari sandwich is a must-try while you’re in Madrid and you’ll spot in on menus all over the city. It’s a lot of food, so trying it on a food tour means cutting it up to share!

4. Tipsy Tapas Food Tour

Easily the best food tour in Madrid when it comes to brand names, the Tipsy Tapas Food Tour is a gastronomic, sociable, and immersive experience.

Your local guide will weave you down medieval alleys into La Latina’s happening bars and bodegas. It includes four locations where you’ll share tapas and sip a glass of vermouth or beer at each.

The guides are armed with quirky anecdotes and insight into Madrid’s food culture. They’ll also share tons of tips for where else to eat in Madrid and where to continue the evening.

The tour runs daily, in the early evening. It’s also the most budget-friendly Madrid food tour currently on offer.

This Madrid food tour costs from €59 ($63/£50) per person. Book the Tipsy Tapas Tour here.

5. De Mercados Neighborhood Market and Tapas Experience

Visiting a market or two is a must for any Madrid itinerary. The already-mentioned Mercado de San Miguel is the most famous and tourist-friendly market although the neighborhood marketplaces offer a different experience.

The De Mercados Neighborhood Market and Tapas Experience is one of the best food tours in Madrid for a local perspective on cruising markets.

This activity takes you to the Mercado de Los Mostenses in Malasaña. This is a low-key venue frequented by Madrileños doing their weekly shop. It’s slightly less groomed than the San Miguel Market and has more stalls than places to eat on-site.

The tour introduces you to vendors and lets you sample olives, pastries, veggies, cheese, and cold cuts. Best of all, you’ll sample the quintessentially Madrileño calamari sandwich.

You’ll also hear about what went down in post-dictatorship Madrid.

This Madrid food tour costs from €91 ($97/£77) per person. Book the Neighborhood Market and Tapas Experience here.

plate of pimientos de padron, green peppers that are a popular tapas snack in Spain with a glass of beer on the side.

Pimientos de Padron or padron peppers are a popular tapas to try in Madrid. They aren’t spicy, but rather a bit bitter and salty, the perfect bar snack.

6. Ultimate Madrid Food Tour and Market Visit

One of the best food tours in Madrid for an all-round experience, this activity takes you to tapas bars, pastry shops, delis, markets, and more.

The Ultimate Madrid Food and Market Visit lasts four hours and includes four drinks and 12 food samples across eight tasting stops.

These typically include Mercado de Antón Martín, an unassuming neighborhood deli with a huge history, and a pastry shop in operation since 1855.

It focuses on the busiest, most central part of Madrid around Plaza Santa Ana and Plaza Mayor. However, the tapas bars are proper hole-in-the-wall experiences you’d otherwise likely miss.

One of the spots played a pivotal role in overthrowing the Francoist dictatorship. Another starred on the Spanish-American chef Jose Andrés’ travel show. And, apparently, the calamari sandwich included on the tour is the best in Madrid.

This Madrid food tour costs from €79.50 ($85/£67) per person. Book the Tour and Market Visit here.

7. Vegan Madrid Tapas Tour

As Spanish food traditionally orbits around meat, cheese, and seafood, there aren’t many vegan food tours in Madrid.

Alas, if it’s plant-based you need (or you’re vegan-curious) then Vegan Madrid runs the first and only Vegan Tapas Tour.

This three-hour tour takes you to three vegan spots where you’ll sample cruelty-free tapas, raciones, and large plates. All beverages are vegan-approved, too.

Besides grazing on plant-based food, the guide will talk about the wider vegetarian and animal rights scene in Spain. It also covers zero waste and sustainability initiatives in the country.

The host will also share wisdom on sourcing and ordering vegan/vegetarian food during your Spain travel itinerary.

This Madrid food tour costs from €68 ($73/£57.50) per person. Book the Vegan Madrid Food Tour here.

plates of meat and cheese abound on the table when taking one of the best food tours in madrid.

Finding a vegan-specific food tour is ideal since navigating the food scene in Madrid can be difficult as a vegan – meat and cheese are a huge part of the diet here.

8. The Foodie E-Bike Tour in Madrid

Why walk when you can peddle? The Foodie E-Bike Tour in Madrid is a guided activity combining sightseeing, cycling, and food.

The route traverses the most vibrant neighborhoods in Madrid. You’ll pass the Gran Vía, Retiro Park, the Royal Palace, Almudena Cathedral, and the Cibeles Fountain among other landmarks.

The tour also swings by Cava Baja and Barrio de las Letras, where you’ll stop for lunch (included in the tour price).

Coffee and water are included and you’ll have the opportunity to try Spanish beer, Vermouth, sangria, or summer red wine (tinto de verano).

The lunch stop includes a spread of tapas, croquettes, and Spanish-style scrambled eggs.

As the bikes are electric, you can use your muscles as little or as much as you wish during this four-hour tour. It’s one of the best food tours in Madrid for an alternative experience!

This Madrid food tour costs from €101 ($108/£85) per person. Book the Foodie E-Bike Tour here.

9. Madrid LGBTQ+ Food Tour

This new food tour focuses on Chueca, the epicenter for Madrid’s LGBTQ+ community all year round. It’s also the nucleus of Pride celebrations in the Spanish capital.

The 3.5-hour LQBTQ+ Food Tour is heavy on the food and drinks with a splash of queer history. You’ll try eight tapa and five drinks across five bars and restaurants. The tour usually includes a market spot as one of these.

The tour is open to everyone: members of the LGBTQ+ community and allies alike. Hosts are awesome, it feels more like sitting down for a pint with an old friend. It’s a great experience to connect with the local community in a fun setting.

Vegetarians can be accommodated with prior notice although it can’t be adapted for vegans.

This Madrid food tour costs from €119 ($127/£100) per person. Book the Madrid LGBTQ Food Tour here.

slice of spanish tortilla which is made of potato and egg and served with a slice of bread and a fork sticking out of the top.

Tortilla is a must-try in Spain and some of the best ones I have had are in Madrid.

10. Iberian Ham and Wine Small Group Tour in Madrid

Find a dreamier pairing than top-tier jamón ibérico and velvety Spanish wine. Iberian ham is some of the best food in Madrid and Spain in general.

This Iberian Ham and Wine Small Group Tour is one of the best tapas tours in Madrid for vino aficionados and jamón fans.

The tasting session visits bars and jamonerías and highlights the finest Iberian ham producers. You’ll also taste high-end salchichón, lomo, chorizo, and complimentary manchego cheeses.

It includes a demonstration of the slicing methods of a professional Iberian ham cutter. You’ll learn about the different curing styles and pick up sage intel on shopping for some jamón of your own.

This Madrid food tour costs from €61 ($65/£61)per person. Book the Iberian Ham and Wine Tour here.

11. Tapas and History Tour through Old Madrid

Here’s one of the best tapas tours in Madrid for history buffs. The half-day Tapas and History Tour through Old Madrid balances cultural immersion with munching.

Departing from Puerta del Sol and wrapping up at Calle Mayor, you’ll journey past monumental plazas, major landmarks, and hidden gems.

Amid these, you’ll pull up a pew in historic tapas bars where you’ll crunch on fried cod and clink glasses of vermouth with Madrileños.

Tapas samples generally include the golden oldies: Iberian ham, manchego cheese, garlic shrimp, patatas bravas, anchovies in vinegar, croquettes, and Spanish omelet.

Note this tour is only available Monday through Friday and occurs at lunchtime. If you’re planning a weekend in Madrid, refer to other food tours.

This Madrid food tour costs from €75 ($80/£63) per person. Book the Tapas and History Tour here.

chorizo in a sizzling bowl and a platter of sliced cheese on a table.

Sample different meats and cheeses on Madrid food tours and learn about what is local and what is most delicious!

12. Private Madrid Food Tour

If you are traveling as a group (or form one with other travelers), you might find a private tour preferable. This can work out cheaper if you are a larger party and it has more of a personalized feel.

This Private Madrid Food Tour has multiple time slots in the afternoon/early evening. It needs at least two people and is capped at eight people per private group.

The price decreases with more people, so it’s one of the most affordable tapas tours in Madrid on a budget if you can hit capacity.

You’ll visit 10 locations and taste 10 items. It’s possible to request vegetarian alternatives but this must be done at the time of booking.

It’s centrally located in the Chueca neighborhood and includes sightseeing stops at Plaza del Rey, the House of 7 Chimneys, Chueca Square, and the Church of San Anton.

This Madrid food tour costs from €87 ($93/£73.50) per person, subject to group size. Book the Private Madrid Food Tour here.