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2 Days in Seville Itinerary

2 Days in Seville Itinerary

This guide to your 2 days in Seville itinerary will cover the best things to pack into a weekend getaway to this beautiful Spanish city.

There are so many amazing things to do in Seville, that you won’t be able to pack it all into a 2-day itinerary, but thanks to the fact that the city is pretty compact, you can still see a good number of Seville attractions.

Whether you want to bike around town, explore the incredible food scene, or learn about the history of this prosperous city, there is plenty to fill your weekend in Seville.

If you have a little bit more time, check out our 3-day Seville itinerary to get to know the city even better.

How to Get to Seville

There are a few ways to get to Seville, depending on where you are traveling from. If you are only visiting Seville for two days, hopefully you aren’t traveling from too far.

The Seville Airport is 8km or about 5 miles from downtown Seville. There is a bus that travels between the airport and the downtown area roughly every 15 minutes. It is located right outside the terminal. Simply follow the arrows on the ground to the bus and purchase a ticket from the machines located in front of the bus stop.

If you are traveling by train from elsewhere in Spain, you will arrive to the Santa Justa train station. Depending on where you are staying, you may be able to walk to your hotel from here. Alternatively, there are buses that take you into the city center as well as taxis waiting outside at a taxi rank.

There is no real need to have a car in Seville. If you rented a car in Spain elsewhere and Seville is part of a larger trip you are doing, then be sure to book a hotel that has free parking.

You won’t need to drive through the city during your two days in Seville, but it will be good for getting out on day trips like Cordoba or Italica.

colorful church with blue skies above and quiet streets around it.

There are so many quiet little neighborhoods to explore in Seville. I recommend saving some time to simply wander around the city to take in the tiles and colors.

Getting Around Seville

The center of Seville is quite compact. That makes walking from one part of the city to the other quite easy to do, especially for a quick trip where most of the sites you are visiting are right in the downtown area.

Be sure to pack comfortable walking shoes. Like many cities in Spain, Seville’s old town has tiny sidewalks and cobbled streets which are not great for heels or wooden-soled shoes. Cute sneakers are perfect and you won’t be turned away from any establishment unless you are dining at a Michelin Star restaurant.

If you start to feel like somewhere is just a little too far you can hop on the buses that run through the city. You can pay in cash on the bus which costs €1.40. They do not accept bills over €5 unless you are paying for several people.

Uber and Uber alternatives are available in Seville. If you want to order a taxi, you can simply check out one of those apps and get from A to B with ease.

Weather in Seville

The time of year you are visiting Seville will play a large role in how you spend your 2 days in Seville. If you are visiting Spain in July or August, you won’t want to do tours around Seville by bicycle.

Summer is the worst time of year in Spain for outdoor activities that don’t involve cold water. Particularly in landlocked Seville where temperatures regularly rise above 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit). You’ll likely want to enjoy more museums and indoor activities during this time of year.

However, if you are visiting in the cooler months, you’ll be able to explore the plazas, bike around the city, and walk for hours around neighborhoods like Triana and the Old Town. 

street with white buildings on both sides and cloudy sky above.

The streets are narrow and parking is at a minimum, so only drive in the city if you absolutely have to.

Evening of arrival in Seville

If you are arriving the night before your two full days in Seville, you will be able to sneak in a fun night of tapas and exploration. 

Like most Spanish cities, Seville is open late. So even if you arrive after 10 pm, you’ll still find places where you can grab a cold caña and a few tapas. Head to Setas de Seville, the large wooden structure which is lit up beautifully by night.

Nearby, you can find a few great tapas spots like Cafe Santa Maria with generous portions of raciones to share family style with the table or Patio San Eloy

Day One of Two Days in Seville

Start your morning with a traditional Spanish breakfast, coffee and churros. Alternatively, you can have pan con tomate which is sliced and toasted baguette with pureed tomatoes on top. You can get both at Cafeteria Catunambu.

If you are staying at a hotel that offers breakfast, there’s no doubt that they will have many more Spanish and other continental breakfast options available.

Seville Cathedral

Seville Cathedral is without a doubt one of the most popular attractions in Seville, and for good reason. It is the largest Gothic church in the world. Walking inside is like walking through an art museum and a mausoleum. 

There are works of art, gold and silver altars, and the tomb of Christopher Columbus located throughout the cathedral. Be sure to pre-book your tickets and pick up an audio guide at the door if you aren’t visiting with a tour guide.

If you would prefer to visit with a tour guide, I highly recommend separating the cathedral and Royal Alcazar into two days.

It is common to see both available on a single tour, and you may be tempted since you only have 2 days in Seville. But these two sites are enormous and there is so much information to learn about each one. Doing them both in one day is incredibly overwhelming.

This tour is a great option which includes a visit to the top of the Giralda bell tower, the old mosque minaret that can be seen from almost anywhere in the city, as well as a guided tour of the cathedral. Book that tour here.

looking down over a plaza from above in the giralda tower, one of the best things to do with 2 days in Seville.

Climbing up the Giralda Tower in the Seville Cathedral offers some pretty spectacular views back over the city.

Triana Neighborhood

After spending the morning exploring the cathedral, you’ll want to get out and enjoy a little bit of Seville sunshine on your face. 

The Triana neighborhood is located on the other side of the Guadalquivir River. It was once the location of all of the tile and pottery makers in Seville.

All of the factories were located here, along the river so that they had access to fresh water, but far enough out of the city center to avoid sullying its beauty with their dirty factories.

Now most of the factories have been converted into restaurants, bars, or apartment buildings. Although the insides are different, the neighborhood is still covered in the colorful tiles that have made this city famous around Spain. 

If you want to learn more about the tile-making history of Seville, consider taking a fun class at Barro Azul. You’ll learn about all of the different tiles that are found around Seville in places like the Royal Alcazar, Plaza España, and even the outside of local bars. Then you’ll get the chance to try your hand at painting your own, which you can have shipped home to you.

Stop into the Triana Market to have a coffee, get some delicious Iberico ham, or have some lunch at one of the small tapas spots inside.

If you want something a little bit more substantial, I highly recommend making a lunch reservation at Alfarería 21.

Housed inside the old Casa Montalván tile factory, this restaurant is making some of the most impeccable local cuisine in the entire city. Think elevated huevos rotos, perfectly cooked Iberico pork, and grilled shrimp covered in olive oil and garlic. 

mosaic of jesus above a shelf against the side of a church seen while spending 2 days in Seville

Keep your eyes out for the tiles and mosaics all over the city. It feels like a scavenger hunt to find them all.

Take a Tour

You have a free afternoon to explore more of Seville. If the weather is nice, you may want to consider taking a bike tour around the old town. This is a great way to get to know the different hidden gems located down side streets and alleyways that you never would have turned down otherwise. Check out this bike tour to explore the city.

Perhaps you would prefer a boat cruise along the Guadalquivir. There are are few different options, all of which offer an audioguide that walks you through what you are seeing on each side of the river. 

My favorite boat tour is with the Guadaluxe. They have electric boats and your ticket includes a drink of wine, beer, or soda to enjoy while you float down the river.

Flamenco Show

By evening, you’ll probably want to sit down and relax for a while, preferably in some air conditioning.

There are seemingly hundreds of Flamenco shows available in Seville. Andalucia is the home of Flamenco and Seville nurtures the music and dancing more than any other Spanish city that I have been to.

For an intimate show, grab tickets to a show at Casa de la Guitarra. There are only about 25 seats inside this venue and the show is spectacular.

For something a bit grander, you may want to go to Palacio Andaluz, where you can have drinks and watch a show in a theater. They also offer dinner as an option, but I didn’t think the food was anything special. So I recommend watching the show and going for dinner afterward back in the city center.

inside of the royal alcazar with tiles on the floor an the walls and along the arches of the doorways.

The Royal Alcazar is one of the most ornate places I have ever explored (except maybe the Mosque Cathedral in Cordoba).

Day Two of 2 Days in Seville

On your second day in Seville, opt for a fun and fancy Spanish breakfast option. La Comissura is a wonderful breakfast or brunch spot where you can have a traditional Spanish breakfast with a twist. Toast served with different tomatoes or salmorejo and Iberico ham.

They also have a nice selection of healthier options like yogurt and granola, eggs, and fresh juices.

Royal Alcazar

Expect to spend most of your morning at the Alcazar. This royal palace is the second home to the Spanish royal family and is where they stay when they visit Seville.

When the royal family is in town, no one can enter the Royal Alcazar. So be sure to double-check that your two days in Seville don’t coincide with a royal visit!

You can explore the Alcazar on your own. Simply pre-book your tickets and choose a morning time slot. Most tours that visit both the cathedral and Alcazar come here second, so this is busier at midday than it is in the morning.

You can grab an audioguide for a small additional fee. If you don’t have cell phone data, be sure to go inside the ticket office to purchase rather than purchasing from the stands at the entrance.

Alternatively, go on a tour that meets in front of the Alcazar and explore the inside with a knowledgeable guide who will explain the unique history of this beautiful palace. Book that Alcazar tour here.

Whether you go solo or on a tour, be sure to leave enough time to explore the gardens on your own. Most visitors agree that the gardens are one of the most magical parts of the whole palace grounds. 

blue skies over a large brick building with a spanish flag waving at the top of the building.

Plaza de España is a beautiful place to explore during your 2 days in Seville.

Plaza de España

Plaza de España is the largest plaza in all of Spain. It was built for the 1929 Ibero-American Expo and has stood as a monument of Seville ever since.

If you are visiting Seville in the winter months when the days are shorter, you may want to swap this with one of the other things you do during your 2 days in Seville and do this activity close to sunset. Sunset here at Plaza España is spectacular and the light hits the brick in a way that lights it up perfectly, almost changing the colors entirely.

Whatever time of year you visit, you won’t want to miss a stroll through this enormous plaza. Take note of the tile work along the bridges and stairways. There are mosaics dedicated to every region of Spain.

These benches were where the representatives of the region sat during the Expo. To the sides of the benches, you’ll see little cubby holes where pamphlets were placed during the Expo as well.

During the day, you can ride a rowboat around the small river that winds through the plaza or you can rent a bicycle back in town and ride it through the Maria Luisa Park.

Lunch at Mercado Lonja del Barranco

For lunch, stop into Mercado Lonja del Barranco. Located right along the Guadalquivir River, this iron market hall used to be the local fish market. It doesn’t look (or smell) like a fish market anymore, though.

Inside you’ll find fully stocked bars, seafood stalls selling raw oysters and fried clams, racks of hanging Iberico ham, and even an entire stall dedicated to the Spanish tortilla. 

By night this place turns into a popular spot for drinks and tapas, so if you like to enjoy a bit more nightlife, you may want to save this one for the evening tapas crawl.

iberico ham hanging behind a bar inside a market stall.

Get yourself a plate of thinly sliced Iberico ham to enjoy with a cold beer or glass of wine.

Visit a Historical Palace

If you still have time left in your two days in Seville, consider visiting one of the beautiful palaces that recall a different time in Seville not so long ago.

The two that are most worth exploring are Casa de Pilatos and Palacio de las Dueñas. Both are walled complexes with stunning gardens and period furnishings. Both have audioguides that allow you to learn more about the families who built and lived in these homes. 

Grab tickets to Casa de Pilatos here and Palacio de las Dueñas here

glass of beer with red writing on it, the name of the bar Casa Morelos written on it.

Explore the tapas bar scene and indulge in Seville cuisine, some of the best in the country in my humble opinion!

Go on a Tapas Crawl

It’s your last night in Seville and if you haven’t had solomillo, carillada de cerdo, or orange wine yet, then it’s time to get out and explore the local tapas bar scene.

There is so much good food on offer in Seville and you’ll find most of them on the menu at any good tapas bar in town. These are my top picks for local food. Check out this guide to local Seville foods so you know what to order!

If you would prefer to tour the best food places around Seville with a guide, you may want to consider going on a tapas crawl tour while you are in Seville. This is a great option if this is your first time in the city or you don’t speak much Spanish.

You will be taken to the best local spots and the guide will order local specialties. You will learn about the history of these dishes and also be able to ask the guide for other tips for exploring the city. Book a Seville tapas crawl here.